Photo & Fill-in Friday – August 10, 2007

Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!! Surrender your booty!!

Not just pirate speak, but also R. Darling’s favorite pickup line!  This is the Lady Washington which you may recognize as the HMS Interceptor from Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl.  She was here on July 28 along with another tall ship, The Hawaiian Chieftain.  We missed the tours, but were able to watch them sail in while eating our lunch a couple weekends ago.  Living by the water rocks the pirate’s pegleg!  It was a beautiful way to enjoy the summer weather.

And here’s another fun thing I discovered recently: 


Click on the button to check it out!
Here’s my answers for today’s Fill-In: #32

1. My commute is awesometastic. I only live about 5 minutes from work.
2. Quiet best describes my neighborhood.
3. My neighbors are nice but live too close for my taste.
4. On Rice is my favorite place to eat that’s close to home.
5. If there’s one thing I’d change about my community, it would be less developement!  I hate how much it’s growing here.
6. The thing I miss most about the town (city/area/swamp) I grew up in is not much since I live where I grew up!  But I do miss how small and friendly it was back before all the traffic and retirees started moving in.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hanging out with R. Darling, tomorrow my plans include Knitting! and Sunday, I want to Knit some more!

Have fun & be good!
Happy Weekend Bloggy Peeps!!


2 thoughts on “Photo & Fill-in Friday – August 10, 2007

  1. I’m with you on #5, same in my neighborhood! What part of the world are you in?

    Thanks for playing :-)

    Also, LOVE the picture of the Lady Washington!!! I just watched the second POTC movie last night, for the 3 gazillionth time…something about the eye candy ;-) just makes it very watchable for me!

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