Campanula KAL Contest #1

Please post a link to the Campanula for the Cure KAL on your blog and tell us what yarn(s) you are using (or dreaming of) to make your Campanula socks.

Well, I’ve done part of this contest entry so far.  There’s a link in my sidebar to the knitalong site, and I also mentioned it briefly earlier this week.  But I haven’t mentioned yet what yarn I’m thinking about using for the pattern.  I had really wanted to try the Koigu that the pattern was written for, but just had some trouble finding it as well as colors I might like to knit it in.  So, having bought some Socks That Rock recently, and now being semi-addicted to the stuff, I bought some STR mediumweight in the colorway Coral.  Here’s what it looks like……..


I just received it in the mail yesterday along with the heavyweight that I am using for my second SITM swap partners socks (will post about that later).  I’m a little disappointed in the colorway actually.  It looks more pink on their site, than peachy, but in real life it’s definitely more peachy-orangey, than pink.  I’m still going to use it though.  Maybe I’ll like it better as it works up in the pattern. 

So if you get a chance, please check out the KAL and consider joining or just donating.  It’s for a great cause and I’m wishing Ramona lots of luck with her goal!!


4 thoughts on “Campanula KAL Contest #1

  1. What a great “charity” to knit for! It’s a good cause. I think that the Coral looks great. I have to agree with some of the STR pix though. Sometimes they look more muted or intense than they really are. But, I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  2. I love this new yarn. It’s very you I must say :D But will believe you that it’s more peachy than pinky! Looks lovely anyway! I’ve been such a bad blogger recently, will have to catch up on that while I am in Warsaw ;)

  3. I love that colourway! I am a coralwhore though. It’s so tricky ordering yarn sight unseen, the colour is never quite what you expect. Although it’s kind of a fun surprise when you see what arrives…

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