Something Exciting


Yee Hoo!  Woo Hoo!!  If excitement was a big, round, red balloon, I would have popped by now.  It’s just that exciting.  Let me explain.  Some of you may know that the ever-talented Ms. Stefanie Japel (of Glampyre Knits & Fitted Knits fame) runs her patterns through a Test Lab before she publishes the pattern for purchase.  A while back, I signed up for the Test Lab and basically resigned myself to not really being able to get a chance to try one of her patterns.  Well, Holy Surprise Batman!  I get to test her newest pattern!  I can’t really talk about it, top secret test lab stuff you know, but you can see a pic of the new design on her blog.  I’m knitting it with some Berocco Nostalgia from my stash (that’s the milk chocolatey stuff next to this morning’s iced caramel mocha) that I couldn’t figure out what else to do with, plus the gauge is perfect, and I’m hoping it does her pattern justice.  I’ve got 2-3 weeks to get it knocked out, so wish me luck!  Thanks for giving me a shot Stefanie!  It’s a truly amazing opportunity and I’m totally honored!


5 thoughts on “Something Exciting

  1. How very awesome! I’m glad you got the opportunity to do this. Can’t wait to see the new pattern!

    – Your SITM pal

  2. Hey there Chopper ridin’ mountain climbing, kayak spinning, knittin girl! I haven’t forgotten about you – things have been a little nutso here. We’re still talking about a trip up north – maybe a hike to Baker? Sometime in October?

    How cool to be doing a test pattern! I love her stuff!

  3. Wow that’s sooo great! I am very happy for you! I keep my fingers crossed for you to get it done on time! And how about the capelet? (I know I can be pain in the neck… sorry :P)

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