To The Coast

Last weekend around this time, we were sitting having coffee in Port Townsend on our way back from our motorcycle trip to the coast.  I’m pretty sure I’d just bought some yarn too.  You gotta love a man who enables your yarn addiction even though the bags on your bike are already stuffed full of camping gear, clothes and photo equipment.  “We’ll find room”, he always says.  Have I mentioned before how much I love my man? 

sequimgoats081807First stop, Sequim, WA.  I guess there’s liability issues of some kind if you ride your motorcycle through the game park amidst the stampeding herds of wild buffalo and yaks, so we had to settle for the free kiddie petting zoo.  Think they’d notice if I tucked one of those little pygmy goats under my rain gear (yes, we got rained on and I have about 6 layers of clothes on in that photo) and took him home?  I’m sure the poochies would love him!  Nelson might decide to “mark his territory” though……

Our first night was spent in Port Angeles.  Not a very happenin’ place (sorry to those folks who might be particularly fond of it).  We woke up to pouring rain which was kind of a drag, but set off for the coast anyway.  After miles and miles of a whole lot of trees and not much more, we found our way to Cape Flattery which also happens to be the most Northwestern point in the continental U.S.  Kind of a cool, you’ll-never-really-need-to-know-this, factoid.  After a bumpy shuttle ride to the top (they’re doing construction on the road so you’re not allowed to drive up there yourself right now) and a 3/4 mile hike, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view.  



capeflatterypuffinAnd, wonder of wonders, we saw a puffin too!  I think that was the highlight of my day out at Cape Flattery.

After Cape Flattery, we drove to Kalaloch and set up camp there.  There’s nothing like hauling your campfire wood to your campsite on the back of your Harley.  I’m sure the other campers were entertained by our mysterious and sinister “biker” antics.

With just a few more hours of light left in the day and our camp all set up, we walked down to the beach for a little bit of knitting (me) and reading (R. Darling).  There’s nothing quite like the roar of pounding surf to ease a hectic mind.  kalaloch081907a

Though our trip was short, and not as relaxing as we’d hoped (too much travel, not enough rest), it’s still nice to get away and change your scenery once in a while.


And don’t forget kids:


Attack Of The Killer Beach Logs! 
Coming soon to a theater near you…….


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