Sock It To Me Swap Contest #2 – “My Favorite Yarn”

So here’s the challenge: Post about your favorite yarn. You must post a picture and let us know why it’s your favorite yarn. Please leave links too, in case someone might want to get a little of what you got!

Hmmm. This is going to be tough for me and boring for all of you because, until just recently, I was a small project, bargain basement yarn, kind of girl. Not so much by choice, but that pesky little thing called finances was kind of cramping my style. Do I want to eat, or do I want yarn? Well, you all know what the answer would be if I was single! R. Darling though, I guess he’d be a little peeved if he had to give up those steaks while I hid in the corner petting my newest skein of something lovely and muttering to myself. I still look for the bargains now that I can count a couple socks and two sweaters (almost) amongst my FO’s, but I also allow myself something nice now and then. And if it’s on sale, well then I allow myself lots of nice somethings for my stash. Sadly, yarn diet is currently being enforced so I will have to make due for a while with the stuff I’ve got.

Anyhoo, on to my favorite yarns. Well, since this is a sock swap, I guess I’d better start with sock yarns. Having only used 2 brands so far for a grand total of 2.5 socks, I am definitely not an expert, and smart enough to know that the opinion I’m about to express will be good for, oh, about as long as it would take me to start a frictional fire from whipping out my visa next time I’m “allowed” to buy more yarn. So far, I’ve knit with Hill Country Yarns’ Sweet Feet Sock Yarn, and Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks That Rock. Let me tell you, that STR stuff is dee-vine! I don’t know that I want to try anything else! Soft, smooth, a dream to knit, and in gorgeous colors; I’m content just to look at it, never mind knit with it. So, STR is the winner! I would love to try the Smooshy that I’ve been hearing so much about though.

STR Heavyweight in Tanzanite for my SITM Swap Sock Pal #1

As far as other yarns, my current favorite is Rowan Calmer. I’m using it to knit French Girl’s Fifi for the SKC KAL and this stuff is fantastic! Great stitch definition, fab to knit with and soft as clouds, I can’t wait to wear my Fifi when I’m done! And the best part? It’s got just enough stretch to achieve maximum curve huggage. Because it’s all about the curve huggage! The only drawback is that it’s ungodly expensive. Well, that may be overstating it depending on your finances, but for me it’s rather pricey. I did manage to find a discontinued color for cheap though, so that helped. Anyway, give it a try if you can. I think any knitter’d love it!

My Fifi as of today in Rowan Calmer – Color Chiffon
Please ignore the dpn’s and creepy looking yarn holding sleeve stitches
(Don’t worry, it’s not some Rapunzelesque armpit hair – I do shave!)


6 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Swap Contest #2 – “My Favorite Yarn”

  1. I agree with you about the expense of Calmer. I love it but the cost is so much. I wish it had a substitute on the market but Rowan seems to have this yarn down to a top secret secret.

    Your fifi is looking good.

  2. Mmmm…. STR! I have heard so many good things about it. I have a skein of STR Silkie that I won in a blog contest a while ago… I need to make the time to try it!

    Your Fifi looks fabulous! I love the color!

    For some reason I’m afraid of pastels for myself because I’m kind of a pasty white person and I theorize that I’ll look more white in pastels (I’ve probably got that backwards, but alas), but I just adore them on others (and I had been eyeing the Chiffon color online at Jannette’s Rare Yarns ebay shop).

    I know what you mean about cost. Most of my yarn (which I have enough of that I’m kind of embarassed about it, but I love it all) was bought on sale. I have this problem where if I see that a yarn I’ve been wanting to try, or that I “need” for a particular project, or that I know is a good basic staple yarn is onsale for 35% or 40% off (or more!) I have a really hard time turning it down. I bought some of my stash when WEBS had their annual sale and some at various sales at local and semi-local yarn stores. I’ve also bought a bit online (during sales, of course, and at Knitpicks). The problem is, all that sale yarn adds up! I’m trying to restrain myself. We’ll see how that goes ; )

    There’s no way I would have used Calmer to make Fifi if a LYS hadn’t recently had it for 40% off, but I’m so glad I did, because — like you — I love it!

  3. I can very well understand that you love this sock yarn! It’s so pretty! Your sock for your swap partner looks soo good!
    Fifi looks stuning too. Pastels looks somehow good on you. I can only second Octopus that pastels and me don’t mingle. I guess I need more colour definition.
    Oh, c’mon everybody buys yarn on sales! Why to spend twice as much if you can buy it on 50% off? I am a trifty knitter, and as you know I am always there hunting for bargains. The fact that I discovered a new yarn warehouse, where you can buy yarn for pennies is of a big help in this department too :D
    Anyhow, Fifi looks great and I think that Calmer in this colour looks sparkling on you! You made a great job on sock and on Fifi!

  4. Fifi looks GREAT so far! I love it!!

    Don’t stress about Mirepoix – you’ve got another month til it starts. It’s amazing how much difference a month (or even a week) makes.

    Hang in there, girl! I do know how you feel about lots of stuff being juggled though. I’m at the point where I either want to finish stuff or rip it, don’t really care which on a few of them!

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