Photo Friday – September 7, 2007




Sometimes, in a world that goes a mile-a-minute, it’s easy to forget that good things do come to those who wait.  There’s a satisfaction in tucking something into the soil, nurturing it, dreaming over it, and in the end, being rewarded with something beautiful to remind you of the wonder that is our world.  And perhaps, without that wait, the prize at the end wouldn’t be nearly so sweet. 

I planted these lovelies sometime in June and really never expected to see them bloom.  But throughout the summer I’ve kept an eye on my small bit of garden and pretty soon there were some unidentified grass-like green shoots coming up.  Being a terrible gardener who can never remember where or what I’ve planted, I wondered what these grassy little things could be.  As they continued to grow and little bud stalks began to appear I realized that the Tigridia (Mexican Shell Flower) bulbs I’d bought one day to cheer myself up were actually going to bloom!  Tuesday morning I stole a glance at my little garden bed as I usually do right before going to work, and I was rewarded with these glorious little faces winking back at me.  I could have died they were so beautiful!  And, as I soon discovered, it was a good thing I took these photos because by that evening they’d closed up entirely and by the next morning they had shriveled up completely.   Ah, but they were so worth the wait……


7 thoughts on “Photo Friday – September 7, 2007

  1. Those are sooo cute! You are right, they were surely worth to wait for them to open and show all the beauty! You have definetely a good hand for plants, mine usually die as soon as I plant them ;)

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