Fabulous Fifi’s Finally Finished!

And I love love love this sweater!! 



The techy knitspeak for anyone who’s curious:

Begin Date:  July 18, 2007

End Date:  August 31, 2007

Pattern Source: French Girl

Size Made:  33.5″

Yarn: 4 balls (50g – 175yd – 160m each) Rowan Calmer in Chiffon (#462)  – 75% Cotton/25% Acrylic/Microfibre

Needles & Gauge: Size 7 bamboo; gauge very close to the 20 sts = 4″ called for in rib pattern

New Techniques:  Cabling without a needle

Total Cost:  Approx. $31.00 (yarn cost $6.25/ball + approx. $1.50/ball shipping)

Recipient: Me baby.  Me!

Comments: Knit for the Sexy Knitter’s Club (SKC) KAL – Summer 2007.  This sweater has turned out to be one of my absolute favorites and I can totally see myself actually wearing this!  Did I mention I love this sweater?  I did not however, really enjoy knitting it.  I found the pattern itself to be somewhat confusing, especially the portion where you are to separate the sleeves from the main body.  After reading, re-reading, pondering, and puzzling over the instructions at this point numerous times, I finally just left the sweater on the needles and started something else.  When I came back to it, the pattern still didn’t make sense, but since I’d already completed one top down sweater previously, I figured I’d just do what I thought the instructions wanted me to.  This was successful, much to my amazement (I expected to have to rip it out completely due to some silly mistake I was sure I’d make).  After that, the only difficulty I really experienced was finishing up the sleeves.  I found the instructions about beginning the actual sleeve to be a bit unclear, but I again improvised and it looks o.k.  I did quite a few more repeats of the bottom ribbing on the lower bodice section than was called for (11 in all I believe) and for the sleeves I did one round in pattern, did the decreases, 1 round of ribbing and then bound off.  Other than that, no real modifications other than to add a stitch here or there when establishing the ribbing pattern for the lower bodice portion.  I think if I made another one of these someday I would definitely attempt the short-row shaping for the bust area.  I think Fifi would fit even better that way.  But I do love how it turned out! 

Don’t you want one now?


10 thoughts on “Fabulous Fifi’s Finally Finished!

  1. Maryanne, your new sweater looks great! I love the color and I’m surprised it only took 4 balls of yarn! That Calmer must have some great yardage, huh? Beautiful!

  2. I love it! I feel the same way about mine – didn’t really enjoy knitting it, but love the end result! I almost would make another one in another color b/c I love the fit so much.

  3. Maryanne! Once again Happy Birthday! Anyhow, Fifi looks splendid on you and Rodger indeed took absolutely gracious and pretty pics of you! I am happy that eventhough the knitting process of Fifi was a pain in the butt, you love it! It looks great on you!

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