Friday Fill-In: September 14, 2007


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Here’s my answers for today’s Fill-In: #37

(This is so appropriate because our wedding anniversary is coming up soon!)

1. I met him/her in first grade!
2. We dated for 3 years, 2 of those long distance, before we got engaged.
3. I knew he/she was the one after our first “date” (Which is in quotes because it wasn’t really a date. We re-met at our 10 year high school reunion which we didn’t even go to together! But I left after that weekend, knowing he was special in a way that was different from any other guy I’d previously met) .
4. The thing I like best about him/her is how he always makes me laugh when I’m crying and how he’s never afraid to tell me he loves me and hold my hand in public.
5. When he/she proposed I thought I knew what was coming, but when it actually happened, it all felt like a dream.  There were cherry blossoms blooming and he got down on one knee.  So romantic…….
6. The song we had at our wedding was decided the night before since we didn’t have our own song (unless you count the first song we ever danced to which was “Hysteria” by Def Leppard – yeah, not really wedding appropriate).  We were listening to music we’d burned on CD’s for our wedding and “At Last” by Etta James came on and we knew that would be the one we’d dance our first dance to.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with R. Darling and knitting a little, tomorrow my plans include cleaning house for Dad’s birthday lunch on Sunday and Sunday, I want to knit a little more after company leaves!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In: September 14, 2007

  1. I will sound ignorant, but who is Etta James?? Thanks Sweetie for sharing that! I found it really interesting to read a bit of your story! I am very happy that you have someone like R. Darling!

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