A Sin Break

Image courtesy of this site

We’re going to Sin City baby!  Woot!! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you when I get back, as long as I don’t drink too much and end up in jail for flashing my junk!  As long as there’s no tequila involved we’re cool.  Now, where did I put that backless leather top……


4 thoughts on “A Sin Break

  1. Ok, I looked through the link site – where are the elephants from? I thought I had done all the touristy stuff in Vegas, but missed this one…

    Whoo Hoo! Vegas Baby! I’m looking forward to the full Sin City update – hopefully it’s not so hot in September you can actually breathe outdoors!

    HAVE A BLAST!!! I volunteer to be your phone call if you get thrown in the slammer! Perhaps you’ll end up in a celebrity magazine instead!

  2. Wooo Hoooo! Leather top on it’s best! Wear it Babe and flash Vegas with your beauty!
    Have a splendid time in Sin City and bring godzillions of pictures! Cheers!

  3. Hi Wendee! The elephants are from Mandalay Bay (where we stayed). I had never noticed them before either because we always stayed somewhere else, but I made sure to look for them while we were there :) Check back for pics!

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