Nothing’s “Cheap” In Vegas – Part 2 *

Despite the rain on the first day, the rest of our stay was gorgeous.  Woke up in our lovely room to sunshine and perfect temperatures.  Man, I love vacations!

Pirates love Vegas too!

We walked the strip quite a bit on our second day and did some shopping and eating (of course!) since we don’t gamble much.  Remember the porn gauntlet?  Probably the funniest thing I saw during our time walking the strip that day, happened in the porn gauntlet.  We were headed away from all the pamphlet snapping, and coming our way from the other direction was a 20-something, clean cut, nice looking couple.  The guy was studiously ignoring the porn snappers, looking every other direction and appearing disinterested, while his girlfriend was dutifully taking each pamphlet given to her and studying it like there was going to be a pop quiz later on.  I guess you really can find it all in Vegas!  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

Us at The Venetian

We spent a lot of time, on our shopping day, checking out the upscale casinos and shops that we’d never really gone in.  The Wynn was one that we’d never even heard of (I think it must be relatively new-ish) and apparently the whole theme of the place was shopping.  I did dig the central indoor garden area though.  How sad is it when I care more about the garden than the Jean Paul Gaultier shop 100 yards away?

Inside The Wynn

The garden display at the Bellagio was something I’ve been wanting to see for a while, so we made sure to stop by and check it out.  Despite it looking and feeling like summer outside, they did an amazing job of recreating autumn inside.  Here’s a few pics:  My favorite is the apples cascading from the basket…..




Our third day we lounged by Mandalay Bay’s gorgeous wave pool, complete with real sand, waves, and semi-pounding surf sounds.  We never do this while on vacation, so it was lovely to just relax by the pool.  R. Darling read while I knitted.  Simply lovely!  Here I am working on a baby sweater for my good friend who had a baby girl in September.  I also brought my sock for my SITM Swap pal, but got stuck on turning the heel and turned to the baby sweater instead.  Some nice lady at the pool asked me about what I was knitting and I was amazed when I realized that this was the first time a woman had asked me what I was knitting.  A few men asked me in the airport, but they were Canadian and probably drunk, so I don’t quite know what their intent was.  The dpn’s were probably confusing in their alcoholic stupor.


I’d been hesitant to bring my knitting stuff on the plane in my carry-on because of all that security song and dance you have to go through nowadays, but hubby was sweet enough to talk to TSA beforehand and find out what was allowed.  So here’s what I brought, in case any of you knitters are planning a flight soon:  1 zipper pouch containing: small tape measure, 2 plastic row counters, plastic stitch markers, set of 5 size 5 bamboo dpn’s;  Ziploc bag containing 1 ball of sock yarn, 2 balls of cotton yarn, 5 size 4 bamboo dpn’s, size 5 bamboo circular needle.

And best of all, we did manage to leave Vegas on the upswing, making $15 and change in the Luxor on day 2, $35 in New York on our last day, as well as $40 in the airport on the way out.  Add in a new tan and some relaxation and all in all, though it was far from cheap, Vegas was totally worth it.  Rock on Sin City!

* Blog post broken into parts for the benefit of the scroll-weary and those opposed to excess verbiage


7 thoughts on “Nothing’s “Cheap” In Vegas – Part 2 *

  1. Great pics! My hubby always has to get the swimsuit shot in there too! You look great, looks like you got a good tan.

    I hate when guys ask me what I’m knitting. This one guy was sitting next to me on a plane when I was on a business trip, total professional looking guy, he asks me what I’m knitting and I say, It’s just a swatch. He thought I said “it’s a crotch”. He goes, a crotch? I say, no, a swatch. OMG. Minds in the gutter, I say.

  2. Love the pics! Joe stayed at the Mandalay Bay for a business conference last year & he still talks about it all the time. He loooooved that bed too. Sounds like a very fun getaway!

  3. I love those pictures! I finally got to see how handsome R. Darling is! Girl, you guys make such a handsome couple! By the way, I tagged you too! More about it on my blog!

  4. The picture of you in the swimsuit is awesome! You go girl! I don’t recall EVER wearing a bikini after the age of 8 or ? ;)

    I really like the pic of you and hubby.. very nice.. it should be a fave for years to come for the two of you.

    Vegas looked like it was a nice trip! Someday, I’ll get there.

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