There’s Something About Daisies

Has anyone else been watching Pushing Daisies (if not, then you can catch up here)?  What’s not to love about a show that involves a guy who makes pie (in a place called the “Pie-Hole”), his childhood sweetheart, a Lemony Snicket-ish narrator, and enough technicolor tones to make Alice In Wonderland faint from envy?  As if I didn’t already love this show, last night’s episode introduced the fact that the very gruff and decidedly unsentimental private detective Emerson, knits when he is stressed, stores his money in handmade socks, and carries a telescopic knitting needle in his pocket as he hates to knit in public.  Not only that, he saved their lives with this telescopic knitting needle!  I can’t wait to see the next epsiode.  Perhaps he’ll be knitting another set of gun holsters for himself……


6 thoughts on “There’s Something About Daisies

  1. Oh, my…

    I just watched both episodes on! I’m dying laughing! I’m laughing at the handgun cozies and the line “as he finshed purling a row, he said…”

    Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in weeks!

  2. Oh yeah..I had been looking forward to the show with all of the advertisements throughout the Summer… seriously, this show hasn’t disappointed but has been even better than I expected!
    The fact that Emerson (sp?) is a passionate knitter just adds an extra cherry on top of this fun and fabulous show!
    Kudos to the powers that be who have created a show that doesn’t stress the negative side of life but entertains to the fullest!

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