Friday Fill-In: November 9, 2007


Photo from the Bellagio seasonal display taken during our Vegas trip in September 2007

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday Fill-In #45
(answer yours here)

1. Plans and schedules are kinda my bag, baby.

2. I’m happy when things are bright and sunny.

3. The last thing I drank was diet coke with lime juice in it.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is my great relationship with my husband.  Predictable & mushy, but true :)

5. I like sun-dried tomatoes on my pizza. (Mmmm….. pizza……)

6. Dear November, does it suck to play second fiddle to December?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to eating pizza, tomorrow my plans include working out (ugh!) and Sunday, I want to watch “Ratatouille”!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In: November 9, 2007

  1. Mmmmm.. Sun-dried on pizza – I second that! ;)

    Ratataouille was fun… I look forward to hearing how you enjoy it. I haven’t rented a movie in ages, need to do that. There’s soooo many I haven’t seen and I’m a movie addict! What’s up with that? Hmmmph.

    I really want to see American Gangster.. just cuz my main man is in it. Russell… sigh.

  2. I love the picture! Sun dried tomatoes are as well my personal favourite! I’m sorry for being lousy emailer this weekend, but the hell was loose in the shop and I hardly had time to breathe. I will email you tomorrow and send you something new ;)

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