Pools & Packages


Show off!  R. Darling practicing his rolls in the pool


Yesterday R. Darling and I went to the pool for some kayak practice.  I can’t say that I was keen on the whole thing (being wet and strapped into a kayak isn’t really conducive to getting in some knitting time) but I went along.  Recently I’ve started to panic a little when having to wet exit the kayak, and R. Darling thought that practicing comfort in the water might help with the anxiety.  So yesterday I spent an awful lot of time like this:




This is actually R. Darling in his boat, but you get the idea.  And apparently the inside of my right ear is a cozy little spot because this morning I woke up at 4:30 AM with my ear throbbing and I’m afraid some nasty little water gremlin must have crawled inside and is now having a sweet little pajama-jammy-jam inside my ear canal.  The nurse at the doctor’s office thinks that I might have some excess sinus pressure in there that is not equalizing properly, but I know better.  Let’s just hope the water gremlin does his little “walk of shame” out of my ear pretty soon and things can go back to normal.   Much as I love sitting on my ass all day, as per R. Darling’s orders, I’m not real fond of a throbbing inner ear.  Kinda sucks the fun right out of everything.

But here’s something that always cheers me up:  a package!!  I received my SITM sock swap package last Wednesday and it was filled with all kinds of fantastic things!  Hooray!!  Thank you so much AJ for such a wonderful package and such pretty pink socks!  AJ was the hostess of the SITM swap and I’m not sure how I ended up with the hostess as my secret pal, but it has really been fun corresponding with her during the last couple months.  Thanks for a great swap AJ!  And here’s the goods…..



This is what I saw when I opened the box.  A handmade knitting needle cozy in the perfect colors!  So cool!



Underneath, some beautiful Koigu!  Mmmmm…… Koiguuuuu.  Never tried it, but sooooo excited to!




She also sent a drop spindle, a book on spinning and a bunch of pretty green roving.  I’ve been curious about spinning but just didn’t know where to start, so this will be really fun to get to try!  Can’t wait!


And last but not least, a few pics of my new fantastic pink socks that fit perfectly!  Thanks so much for everything AJ!  You’ve been an awesome pal :)





9 thoughts on “Pools & Packages

  1. Those socks are FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the colors! BTW – I need to buy some SOAK for the socks that you knit me because, seriously, I wear them around the house almost every day.

    BAA to the Water Gremlin. May he find his way to your intestines and drown in your stomach acid! With no tummy aches, of course! :-)

  2. I’m so sorry Sweetie for the Water Gremlin, just don’t feed it, so it won’t spread further ;)
    Your SITM package is fabulous! I’m happy that your spoiler was such a good sport and spoil you so well. You deserve every bit of it! Thanks for chapters corrections, I will have a look at them later on today. I’m so sorry that I’m being a bad friend, but we have some craziness going on here and the fact that NaNo ends up this week isn’t helping either. I blog about it today… so when you have a sec…
    Take care Sweetie and kill the bloody Water Gremlin asap! Bug hugs!

  3. My mom always had me lay on my “good ear” while she poured rubbing alcohol in my bad ear (about a glug’s worth), then stay still for about 5 minutes. Then, just let the alcohol drain out into a tissue or paper towel & the gremlins were GONE. Hope your gremlin doesn’t stay long! Your pinkie socks look so cute with your mary janes!

  4. Yuk on the gremlin! Go back to where ever you came from!

    The SITM package is great! The socks look so cozy and the needle cozy looks great too! I can’t wait to hear about the spinning….

  5. Bad Water Gremlin! Get out of Knittymuggin’s ear! My mom always did a bit of baby oil in the bad ear, then we put a warm washcloth on it. Somehow the warm wetness kind of helps.

    Super cute mary jane’s with socks!! I can’t wait to see how the spinning turns out. That’s something that I’d love to try, but it looks intimidating.

  6. Great sock package – they are so cute with the Mary Janes too! Can’t wait to hear how the spinning goes. And yeah, wouldn’t be too enthused about that “wet exit” part either – you are a good wife! Jim always gets water stuck in his ears – he won’t try scuba diving because of it.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of your ear malady – hope it has improved. Yikes, the wet exit looks daunting to me! Glad you’re practicing it, sounds seriously important!

    What sweet gifts! Those pink socks look perfect with the black shoes :)

  8. The socks are wonderful (as is everything else in the package)! I’m very impressed with your kayak rolling – I sure hope the gremlin leaves your ear soon (aching ears are so not fun).

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