Winter Knitty Is Up!

 m at bowman bay 112407b

“Nature Girl” at Bowman Bay – November 24, 2007


Well even though it’s not official yet, it certainly feels like winter here.  So how appropriate that the Winter issue of Knitty is up!  Hooray!  Something to brighten your day!  Doesn’t it seem that there are quite a lot of patterns this time around?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.   My love at first sight picks are: Dahlia, Azure, Square Cake, Matrix and Fair Isle Rapids. Of course, there are some other really great ones in there that I’m sure I’ll warm up to eventually.  I always do!


But first: 

Must.Finish.Christmas.Knitting.  Must.Resist.Evil.New.Project.Temptation. 



6 thoughts on “Winter Knitty Is Up!

  1. Oh I love your photo. You look so happy. As for Knitty, I too am loving Square Cake–if only I had time to make it before a family wedding in two weeks! I’m also loving the sweater, Abonticity (sp?).

    BTW: The spouse’s first mitten is underway, and is looking great so far! Good luck with you own holiday knitting :)

  2. I so want to dive into Dahlia! Square cake is tempting too…but I’m SO over that dog shrug!

    But…must…finish…holiday knitting…must finish…

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