Why You Have To Buy Yarn On December 8th…

Yesterday I spent the day trudging along beneath a rather bah-humbug-ish sort of veil.  Like cobwebs, it couldn’t be brushed away but clung with sticky perseverence despite the fact that I watched “A Christmas Story” with my parents, made candles with my mom, and came home and penned half of my Christmas cards.  The Christmas tree seems like too much work to put up, only to take down in two weeks; I could care less about Christmas shopping.  The sheer grinchery is appalling.  This is a mind-boggling turn of events for someone who practically spends the entire year from December 26th on, anticipating next year’s Christmas.  What’s the deal?  I just can’t explain it.

So last night after I burst into tears the moment R. Darling walked in the door (poor Mister!), he offered to take me out to dinner and to my local LYS for some cheering up.  I know retail therapy is supposed to be a vicious spiral that only leads to debt and the need for more retail therapy, but sometimes, dang it, it’s really nice to be nice to yourself.  Unfortunately the LYS was closed, but R. Darling took me to Olive Garden and then Michael’s where he waited patiently while I dithered over yarn and beads.  Did I mention I love my man?


grinch yarn 120807a

G-R-I-N-C-H-Y!  What’s that spell?


So this morning, as we were waking up I mentioned how much I wanted to knit Dahlia and that I thought I might go to the LYS today and buy the yarn I’d need to make it. R. Darling was planning on kayaking today and with my cold still lingering, freezing my ass off in the 30 degree sunshine just didn’t sound appealing, much as I love stiff frozen fingers and a snotty nose.  With R. Darling occupied it seemed like a good opportunity to waste some time pawing and smooshing the yarn at my new LYS. 

I was agonizing over how to justify the yarn, “I really don’t need it”, “But I have a gift card so I wouldn’t really be spending any real money”, when he said, “You have to buy yarn today.”  I would have looked at him shocked, but he is King Enabler when it comes to my yarn habit or anything I want, actually.  So I just looked at him and said,”Well, I don’t have to.  I just want to.  But…..”  Before I could get out more reasons why I shouldn’t go, he said again, “You have to buy yarn today.”  Now I was curious.  “Why?”  “Because today is December 8th!”, he gleefully chortled.  “So?” I say.  And he says something which still has me smiling as I’m writing this: “You have to buy yarn today because it’s December 8th and the eight looks like two balls of yarn stacked!”  “Or a skein, or a twisted hank!” I say, getting into the spirit.  “Yes!”, he says.  “So see, you have to buy yarn today!”  (I know I mentioned I love my man, but I’m just going to have to say it again)

And that’s just what I did. 


11 thoughts on “Why You Have To Buy Yarn On December 8th…

  1. That’s a cute story about the yarn! Sounds like something Jim would say. We are both so lucky, aren’t we?

    And I had missed Dahlia in the last Knitty! I think that will be cute on you!

  2. You are a very lucky woman indeed! I’m glad you back into the holiday spirit, even if only temporarily. Sorry I haven’t emailed you back, my email accounts and everything are a mess! I’ll w/b soon!

  3. woah, where does one apply to get such a knitting enabler? is there some sort of training program… maybe some subliminal tapes you play while they’re asleep? Cos the day my DH encourages me to buy yarn is the day the Earth will tilt in the opposite direction and start spinning from top to bottom instead of east to west!!!

  4. I too understand being grinchy at this time of year. I love Christmas but I hate the shopping and decorating and other things that go along with it. I get into a funky about the season from Thanksgiving to New Years.

    Your hubby was great about encouraging you to buy yarn.

  5. What a great idea! And if you have to buy yarn on December 8th, what does that say about August 8th? Investing in a yarn store? buying a flock of sheep? Perhaps just more yarn would be more practical.

    That is some great guy you have – give him an extra hug and kiss from all of us knitters out here vicariously enjoying his generosity of spirit!

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