Trouble With A Capital “T”

 spincycle fallen leaves 121507a


And I’m in it.

Yesterday Mom and Dad came and dragged my grinchtastic ass out of the house to try to instill some “Christmas spririt” in me after my bah-humbug episode last weekend.  I wasn’t entirely up to it after a tiring week, but I don’t spend enough time with the fam and R. Darling was working anyway, so I knew it would make them happy. 

We went to the Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts to see what the local artisans have been crafting up and then over to the Pacific Arts Holiday Market which we didn’t even know existed, but is apparently in its 11th year here.  There’s always a lot of interesting things to see because we live in a very crunchy (read: granola, read: nouveau hippie, read: tree hugging free spirits – not that there’s anything wrong with that) sort of burg filled with lots of green sorts of folks and artists that make interesting variations of traditional arts as well as some whimsical and occasionally frightening items that you would never see anywhere else.  There are definite uniqueities here (new word, hee).

Imagine my surprise, after rounding a corner of white trashy bead work and potholders, to find a booth with the most gorgeous handspun staring right back at me.  Spincycle whispering softly: Here I am.  You know you want to stop.  Astonished, I stopped in my tracks and mumbled to Mom and Dad that they’d better move on without me.  “Oh, does that mean you want to spend some time here?” Dad says.  “Um yeah”, I mumble, already mesmerized and drooling uncontrollably.  How could I not know they were here?  How did I miss such magic in my own town?  Even Glampyre knows they exist, and Interweave too.

OMG.  I am in Trouble with a capital T.  In a daze I dropped a fat load of cash on 3 skeins of this and the pattern for this.  My mouth is going dry right now thinking about it.  And I want moreNOW.  Oh why did I have to discover handspun?  Because now I need to find about 4 more jobs, one of them possibly in a seedy dark bar where they “tip” really well, forget about my mocha habit, and eating for that matter, to find the money to feed this new habit.  I’m a handspun junkie now.  Life will never be the same.


But could you resist this either?


spincycle fallen leaves 2 121507a


15 thoughts on “Trouble With A Capital “T”

  1. Don’t you just love moments like that? That’s one of the reasons I enjoy walking around local craft fairs … you never know what you are going to find.

    That yarn is fantastic. And yes – hand spun is super addictive!

  2. Oh, my…I would have dropped a fat load of cash too!

    and hey..come here! you’ll be totally into the holiday spirit…what, with all of the snow and Isaac wondering when Santa’s showing up…

  3. Oh my, this yarn is just so pretty! It screams “Maryanne” with every single tread of it’s body ;) I love the pics! Sorry for copying you and starting to sign mine, but I loved your idea :D bug hugs Sweetie!

  4. Wow, you are so lucky to have that in your backyard. (I’m also amazed that you have any green in your yard at all – we’re all white & brown) How on earth did you pick just one colorway? I’m in love with at least 3! Absynth and Lilacs… got to love the name.

  5. Ah Maryanne, you are too funny! I’m glad that you got out and got into a bit of “spirit”. Not sure that’s good for the handspun though. You will be going crazy any day now. Knit slowly!

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