Walkin’ In A WIP Wonderland

“OMG. What is that girl across the street doing now?”

“Holy crap, she looks like a deranged carny in that getup!”

“What the hell is she doing with the lawn chair?”


This is what I imagine goes on in the heads of my neighbors as I’m contorting myself in the front yard in search of that perfect photo. Because, believe me, I’ve noticed some of them.

There’s “Gaijin McGee” a few doors down. He likes to crank the music in his garage and jam out in there with the door wide open and the lights blazing. I think we’ve seen his wife a grand total of 2 times since they moved in a few years ago and we are a bit suspicious she might have been “hand picked” if you get my drift. Then there’s “The Hammers” next door. An elderly couple who are entirely too busy hammering things for their own good. When I’m old you can bet I wouldn’t be caught dead actually building things. I’m just gonna hang out in my pj’s all day long. And of course “Naked Baby Lady”; she’s unforgettable. Hey, it’s cool with me if your kid wants to run around in your yard naked, but when he’s shaking his thing at me over by the mailbox, you’re a nickname waiting to happen.

So keeping in mind my penchant for noticing my more “distinctive” neighbors, I’m sure I was probably the source of some inspired dialogue last Saturday. In search of that perfect photo, I was standing on a trashy green plastic lawn chair in the front yard carefully positioning hanks of handspun in a maple tree. At least I had the decency to change out of my blinding pink pj bottoms first. I like my crazy subtle. You might not see it at first, but it’s there.

But no artsy photos today. It’s business time (speaking of Business Time, this is my new favorite video obsession)! Casa de Knittymuggins has become a Christmas sweatshop. It’s a wee bit stressful here, but that’s why they make alcohol and coffee!


wasabi fetching 2


Another pair of finished Fetching mitts in Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere for my SIL. These are wrapped and ready to go!


black ik clutch


The IK Clutch in Black Tilli Tomas Disco Lights – This one needs the seams sewn, a lining and a zipper and it’s done. It won’t be delivered until after Christmas so I’ve got a little extra time.


sheldon body 1


Sheldon for my niece – He’s a bit further along now with eyes and a fully stuffed body. I don’t know when I’ll see my niece so I’m not too worried about finishing this one by Christmas.


pink cashmere


Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere for one last pair of Christmas Fetching mitts. I’ve started the first of the pair and have to finish them by Christmas. Shouldn’t be too much trouble though…..


mil earflap hat 1


A hat with earflaps for my MIL. This one isn’t a “must finish” for Christmas, but I’d like to finish it if I can.


red juliet progress


O.k. This one’s totally not a Christmas knit, but it’s a WIP I haven’t mentioned yet. This is Juliet that I started for the recent SKC KAL but put down in order to finish my Christmas knits on time. I figure I have about 4 more lace repeats left and I’ll be finished.


Hmmmm. Now where’d I put that drink?

10 thoughts on “Walkin’ In A WIP Wonderland

  1. I’ll join you for that drink! “I like my crazy subtle.” – hee, hee, I’m going to laugh at that one all night. Seriously, you are too funny.

    OMG, that pink cashmere is beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness hun, you just made me laugh so hard my chest hurts! I don’t even know which part of your post to comment about first – the crazy neighbors (having just moved here, I am yet to meet my neighbors, so I’m imagining equally eccentric ones), the subtle craziness (and speaking of blinding pink pants, I’m wearing a pair of hot, hot, HOT pink velour pants as we speak), or the myriad of FO’s and WIPs! You’re becoming quite the “Fetching” expert, and I really like the color on the latest ones. I too am making (am 99% finished with) a Sheldon for my goddaughter. Are you using the Knitpicks yarn? I can’t wait to see your Juliet – looking at the pictures on SKC, Juliets all turn out so different and unique.

    Good luck with the last pair of Fetching and all the other WIPs! I’ll join ya for a cyber drink or two heehee.

  3. The disco bag is great. Now I will have to make one for myself. I will ahve to use purple so that I can use it when the Munchkin graduates.

    I can’t believe how many Christmaas WIP’s you have going. I made socks and footies for most gifts, not nearly as ambitious as all of yours…..They look great too!

    Tell me how you like Juliet when you’re done. I just couldn’t get warmed up to it.

    Now, off to find that drink you were mentioning….

  4. That’s how I felt when trying to get a good picture of my stole with the wind blowing, me running into place just in time for the self-timer to go off on the camera and then getting the stole to drape just so over the fountain grass! I just know there was pointing and snickering going on!

    Your WIPs look great! I really like the color you picked out for Juliet. I don’t think I’ve seen a red one yet. Can’t wait to see them all done!

  5. LOve your knits Sweetie! Juliet looks sooooo good! Clutch is very handsome too and fetching as well! I feel so bad that I don’t have time to knit for Christmas, but you’re just amazing knitting machine! Yeah, a drink sounds like fun! I would kill to meet up with you for chat and drink!

  6. Wow – great neighbors! We used to have a drug dealer downstairs, who left in the middle of the night and has not been seen since. We have the trucker next door, along with his wife and son. The wife and son don’t drive, and I don’t think I have ever seen his wife more then three times. I don’t think she leaves the house, like your one neighbor. And when I lived at Mom’s, there was the time this guy who lived down the road who was drunk and standing naked on his front porch, waving at passing traffic! Not to mention their neighbors across the street that are always yelling and having the cops called on them. Ah … crazy neighbors!

    I love the green Fetching, and I can’t wait to see them in Cashmere!!! All of your FOs looks wonderful!

  7. Thanks so much everybody!!

    Shannon: The yarn I’m using for Juliet is some Karabella Aurora Bulky that I repurposed from the Textured Tunic from the Fitted Knits book. It just didn’t work well for that sweater and when I knit it up the sweater was much to big so I frogged it all. When I decided I wanted to knit Juliet, this worked out perfect because I didn’t want the yarn to go to waste and the gauge was just right ;) Gotta love it when stuff like that works out!

  8. Maryanne, I hear you on the photos. I used to get embarassed that I’d always be taking pictures of Jem at church. I was convinced that I was just some crazy lady trying to delay time.

    Your WIP’s look great. I can’t wait to see your Sheldon. He’s on my “to do” list, but I just haven’t gotten around to him, yet. And your Juliet looks fab.

    Have a very merry Christmas!

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