Better Than Bad, It’s Good……


Warm Woolies Piece #1


So maybe I wasn’t good all week, but I was better than bad and that’s a start……


The Good

  • I haven’t talked about this much here on the blog, but one of the things I missed last year was knitting for Warm Woolies, a charity that I like to knit for that donates items to children in orphanages both here and abroad.  I set up a KAL called LovePurl to help keep me accountable for my goal of knitting 100 pieces for them over 2008, and to share with others who like to knit for charity too.  I’m a little afraid I’ve gotten myself in too deep as someone pointedly noted this would be about 3.6 days on average to finish 1 item.  Ummmmm……Eeek?  I hadn’t looked at it that way before, thinking of it only as less than 10 pieces a month.  But, even if I don’t make my goal, each piece I knit is going to keep a little one warm and that’s better than not donating something.  So I’ve completed my first piece that you see pictured above: a small pair of munchkin socks.  I think I’ll be making a lot of these.  They were fun and quick and super cute.  


  • This week R. Darling and I started the Body For Life program to help us with our fitness goals.  We actually started sort of half-assed last week just to get a feel for how the program would work with the fitness equipment we already own.  I have a very special event coming up in 14 1/2 weeks, sort of one last hurrah before I potentially wave goodbye to a pre-baby body, and I really want to be in shape before that day arrives.  The program is 12 weeks long so we’re giving ourselves some leeway and though R. Darling doesn’t need it in the least, he’s supporting me like the prince that he is.  R. Darling’s a total planner, so he’s been working really hard to coordinate what days we’ll work out on and prepare all the workouts in advance.  Kind of interesting since I’m usually the gung-ho workout chick.  But it’s almost like having my own personal trainer and I can’t thank him enough for doing this with me.  Because it’s seriously hard to drag your ass off the couch to work out when your man is sitting there with his hand in a bag of chips watching something really good on TV.  The hardest part has been changing our eating habits.  I rarely eat badly, but I am trying to be hyper conscious about this because it could definitely make or break my results.  It’s really tough having our “free” day on a weekday (Thursday) and I am seriously dying for a mocha right now and I can’t have it.  Plus, believe it or not, it’s really hard to eat 6 times on a weekend day.  Without the routine of work and schedules, I find that I don’t think about eating until way late in the afternoon when I should have eaten 3 times already.  But we’re off to a good start I think.   


  • I signed up for a spinning class at one of the LYS’s on Saturday.  It doesn’t start until February, but I’m really excited to be learning something new and branching out with my knitting related skills.  After buying that gorgeous handspun I mentioned here, I’ve become more and more interested in dyeing and spinning and I can’t wait to learn more about it.  Just what I need though, another hobby!  Sheesh.


The Bad

  • You know that little angel that sits on your shoulder and tells you not to do bad stuff?  She got her ass kicked by the devil this morning and I ended up buying some closeout yarn over at WEBS before the sales ended.  Oy.  I’m in big trouble.  Avoiding just this kind of thing was one of my big goals this year because, believe me, I’ve got enough yarn to keep me occupied for this whole year and perhaps longer, plus that itty bitty 100 piece goal I’m working towards.  But sale yarn.  It’s just so tempting.  I got some spring-y colored yarn to make this because who doesn’t need a cardigan for spring?


So, I guess 3 out of 4 ain’t too shabby.  All good all the time, wouldn’t be that much fun now, would it?


9 thoughts on “Better Than Bad, It’s Good……

  1. Yeah – you’re gonna be preggers!!!!!

    This is something that I have given a lot of thought to myself. I know that after John and I get married I’m going to want to get pregnant. So, I’m laying a very serious plan on how to quit smoking. I’m going to talk to my psychologist and see what will be the best way to really help me quit for good. I don’t want to even think about getting pregnant until I’ve stopped smoking for a year.

  2. That’s great you want to be in super shape before getting pregnant! Congrats by the way! I’ve read so many articles about exercising while pregnant and the wonderful benefits. Some avid runners still run up to around 8 months.
    After watching my three cousins go through their pregnancies at the same time and comparing them, I’m definitely going to exercise while pregnant – hopefully later this year! ;)
    That’s awesome R. Darling is going to be your personal trainer. I love it when Caveman works out with me too!

  3. Oh boy another baby in the making! I’m glad that I get to be the observer. Congrats on the fitness goals too. They will help in hte long run.

  4. Good going on the socks! You got the cardigan yarn on sale. Not bad…sensible!

    Best wishes with your upcoming fitness plans. A baby? Awwwww :) :)

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