The Knitting Diet

sheldon snacks a

Legless Sheldon says, “No touchy!”


I read an article once in a magazine about this guy who claimed that he lost 80 lbs. when he learned how to knit.  Traded one addiction for another he said. 

I’m finding this an interesting thought because I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been knitting rather obsessively (I mean, more obsessively than usual) and it has been rather difficult to snack properly with my hands occupied by sticks and string.  Of course, it wouldn’t be that hard if I stuck to snacks that required only one hand.  Lollipops maybe or gobstoppers.  But of course, I tend to like the sticky things.  Or crumbly things.  Or things with complicated wrappers.  The kind that makes a mess whether you have your hands full of other things or not.  I kinda like treats with issues.  It takes snacking to a whole new level when you gotta earn the sweetness. 

But this knitting thing, it might be even better for me than I’d originally thought….


6 thoughts on “The Knitting Diet

  1. Sure, it’s all fine and dandy until you put a bowl on M&Ms next to you. At first you have one at the end of every row. Then you start sneaking two or three at a time at the end of every row. Then it gets easy to just grab a quick one every few stitches and before you know it…you’re out of M&Ms again.

  2. Funny…I never noticed that knitting helped me loose weight…perhaps I’m not doing it fast enough or maybe food just wins over yarn…..especially when some one else cooks for you….Thank You Wifey!

  3. With that 3 day per item deadline you’re under, I can totally see how the pounds are just falling off! Speaking of which, I’d love to knit some items for donation. Are there any items the organization wants specifically? Those socks do look precious.

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