Awwww…….Thanks Laura!

from laura 11008a


Fun stuff!


Look what arrived from the lovely Laura on Thursday afternoon! I am speechless with undeservingness (more weird words I made up – woo!)! Thank you so much Laura! It really put a smile in my day to receive something so thoughtful from you and I can’t thank you enough for that gift of knowing that there are truly nice people in blogland who do things for people just because.

Laura’s sweet little note mentioned that those cute little Krabby Patties have “no calories” so I guess I am free to indulge! But to be on the safe side, I’m waiting until my “free” day next Thursday :) That doesn’t mean I can’t dive into the yarn though! Such fun colors and so pinky perfect…… Ravelry, here I come for that sock pattern I put in my favorites a month ago! Thanks again Laura, for everything! You’re a doll and I’m so glad we met :)

BTW: Just wanted to let all of my bloggy e-friends (yep, that’s you!) know that I am experiencing some major technical difficulties with my internet here at home. So, I may be a bit MIA with the blog and my correspondence, but I haven’t forgotten you! I hope that everything will be back to normal this coming weekend (we have a techie dude coming to help us figure out what the issue is) and then I’ll be able to spend more time chatting with y’all. Until then, hope you’re all well and thanks for visiting!!


7 thoughts on “Awwww…….Thanks Laura!

  1. I need to check out the Krabby Patties…..

    Get the Internet goblins cleared up soon…

    I can’t wait to see progress reports for the socks with that wonderful yarn.

  2. That’s such a sweet little care package :) Goodluck with your internet, and thanks for stopping by and commenting yesterday despite the computer spottiness. It’s so funny that you ended up buying the Classic Elite Miracle in Cuban Sunset – I was debating between that color and the Fundy Bay Blue for HOURS. In the end I decided that I did not have too many tops in light blue and that BP would make a nice light blue addition to the wardrobe. Can’t wait to see whatever you’re making with the Cuban Sunset!

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