The Bumper Sticker And The Curious

(Image courtesy of Spincycle Yarns)


I spend my days in a tiny scientific oasis, floating amidst a lagoon of industry that teems with construction offices, a cement producer, the transit authority, UPS, and an assorted variety of specialized blue-collar odds and ends. My view out the window consists of a sprawling lot filled with white and black PVC pipes stacked in tidy pyramids flanked by scarlet pipe fittings and a variety of other water system necessities whose intended use I will never discover. Every once in a while a man with a forklift goes out and retrieves something, presumably for a customer, and in the summer when the windows are open I can hear a woman’s voice over the PA in the lot, scratchy and demanding. Several times a day large semis with trailers and UPS trucks roar by sending swirls of rock and gravel dust up into the air.

So imagine my surprise last Wednesday night when I pulled into the main road from the lab behind a black Nissan Pathfinder sporting a bumper sticker with the Spincycle (my newly discovered local treasure) logo on it. Immediately I began to wonder: Was this a knitter in front of me? Or just the boyfriend (or girlfriend) of one? Or maybe they just bought the car like that from someone else who knits? I imagined the driver would most likely be an ordinary UPS guy. They always park in the lot next to our building and it would make sense since he came from that direction. I saw him driving to his buddy’s house in his new/old vehicle and drinking a frosty brew in the driveway as he showed off his newly purchased wheels. His friend would dig him in the ribs and make granny jokes about the Spincycle sticker or maybe even the Bjork one that had the place of honor in the center of the rear window. He’d grin sheepishly, shuffle his feet and mention how he planned to scrape those off, then take a deep swig of his beer and change the subject. And here he is, 2 years later, driving in front of me and sporting that sticker that I will always wonder about. All I can say is, next time I see him I’m gonna throw up a rock sign and mouth out the window, “Knit or Die dude!” and wait for a reaction.


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