Announcing Treatful Tuesday’s Winner!


Somebunny needs a treat!


All the names of commenters from last Tuesday’s post were put into my cute little easter dish…….

The bowl was handed to R. Darling (for an unbiased picking of names!)……..



Pick one sweetie!


And our winner is………


Jenny! Hooray for Jenny!


So sorry that I couldn’t give one to each of you, but I hope to be having another contest in February so check back soon!  Have a happy Monday :)

5 thoughts on “Announcing Treatful Tuesday’s Winner!

  1. I’m so lucky! How sweet of you to have such a contest! I will give my Knittymuggins original a nice home with plenty of cats. Thank you :))

    What a cute bunny dish…and your outfit looks matching!

  2. That bowl rocks, and I like your coordinating pink outfit.

    (sigh, I just glanced up and apparently Lisa and I are psychically linked because we wrote the same thing…)

    Congrats to Jenny, and many thanks to Knittymuggins and R.Darling for holding the contest!

  3. Hi John-

    I tried to send you an e-mail regarding your comment, but yahoo bounced it back. So I hope you check here to find my answer :) This is what I wrote:

    “Hi there-

    Unfortunately, that bowl was a Hallmark promotional item about 4 years ago and I haven’t seen another one since, so I’m not sure where to point you as far as getting one for yourself. Hallmark has a lot of those cute promotions though, so check around Easter (that’s when I got mine). Hope that helps :)

    Have a great evening,

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