Remember this?


Sunday, in our workout room, while timing R. Darling’s upper body sets, I happened to glance over at our bookshelf and something caught my eye. Yes, we have books in our workout room. Yes, I know that’s weird (both the workout room and the fact that there are books in it). But truthfully it’s one of the only rooms in the house that has space for a couple bookshelves. If it were solely up to me, there would be books on every surface and bookshelves on every available wall. But it’s not and that’s probably a good thing since I’ve got enough dust as it is to start my own turnip farm under the couch (who eats turnips anyway?). I don’t need a pumpkin patch too.

But this book. Vogue Knitting: American Collection. I bought it on clearance at Barnes & Noble a few years ago when I first started knitting. Liked a few of the patterns but shelved it and didn’t look back. Staring at its bright blue spine daily for the last couple weeks I felt compelled to look inside it once again, wondering what drew me to it in the first place. Was there something fantastic in it that I should be knitting right this moment? Idly I flipped through the pages. Much to my amazement, the very sweater that I have been eyeing hungrily on Ravelry swam up from the pages at me. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Best Baby Sweater, a.k.a. The February Baby Sweater. How could I have missed this the first time around? Had it really been there, waiting, this whole time?  Some lingering Fairy Godmother action must have woken me up from my apathetic slumber because I suddenly snapped awake to the thought that the Judy’s Grandmother’s Baby Sweater (from Greetings From Knit Cafe) had gone sour on my needles.  Oh, so that’s why I left it in an unfinished wrinkled pile, only about 5 months late…….  The bitter taste of regret still lingers on my lips when I think about the wasted effort.

But this new baby sweater!  A glorious discovery!  Baby Kimono will get frogged and refashioned into something much more lovely.


And all it took was a new perspective.


7 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. That will be a great sweater to make! I have to get busy soon on making some baby knits! Both my cousin and my uncle’s wife are preggers! So lots of pink and blues soon. ;)

  2. What a stunning discovery! Now I wish I had a reason to make baby items again….I keep baby afhgans and booties on hand but not much else. I don’t want to jinx myseld and start one and suddenly become a grandmother….please keep us posted with pictures….

  3. Aww isn’t it funny how things come across our paths or re-surface at just the right time? I’m glad to hear that you and the darling are still sticking to the workout routine – sadly, most dieters I know have quit long before this weekend. (speaking of which, I’m joining the bandwagon – its on the blog, 2nd or 3rd post down i believe)

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