HOTN* Saturday!

Yes, I’ve been knitting!  Not as much as I would like, but enough to have something to show for once.  Sigh – it’s been a while.


red le slouch 1a


red le slouch 2a


red le slouch 3a


red le slouch 4a


Pattern:  Le Slouch from Knit & Tonic’s Wendy Bernard

Yarn:  KnitPicks’ Cadena in Cranberry – approximately 1.5 skeins

Needles:  Size 9 dpn’s for ribbing, and size 10 circs (16″) for body

Mods:  Originally began with size 8 dpn’s, casting on 68 stitches and then changing to size 9’s as written in pattern. The circumference just seemed to small to comfortably fit around the recipient’s head (and I’ve got a peanut head!) so I changed needles to size 9 dpn’s for the cast on and cast on 72 stitches, then changing to size 10 circs (16”) for the remainder of the hat. Knit 6” before beginning decreases. Decreased 4 stitches evenly before beginning decreases as written in pattern (so that stitch count would match the original 68 in pattern).

Comments:  This hat is a gift for someone else.  Someone that can totally rock this look in a way that I just can’t.  I would never have wanted a hat like this for myself but you know what?  After seeing the pics I actually kinda liked it!  I don’t know if I’ll rush out and make myself one, but I will definitely consider a wider range of styles now that I’ve seen the possibilities!


FOS Fetching1


Pattern:  Another Fetching  from Knitty

Yarn:  Bollicine Dolly in color #92 (from stash!!) – approximately 1.5 skeins with yarn doubled

Needles:  Size 6 dpn’s

Mods:  Mods: After knitting stitches onto waste yarn, knit 6 rows (instead of 4) in pattern to cable round, then knit 5 rows (instead of 4) to bind off row. I liked the added length to the upper part of the mitt as it seemed that other mitts I’d knit following the pattern exactly, came out a bit too short.

Comments:  These were made for my pal over at Fond of Snape.  She mentioned how much she liked some of the ones I posted (she’s a photographer, not a knitter, and the author of the Friday Fill-ins I sometimes do) and I offered to make her a pair if her knitting friend couldn’t.  So here we are!  I cannot get over how good it felt to knit these solely from stash!  I guess I’m in for a lot of good feelings this year as I intend to knit as much as possible from my stash.  The A.D.D. Knitter was just commenting the other day on how she knit a sweater completely from stash recently and how she felt she deserved some kind of award for that accomplishment.  I was feeling the same way!  And what do you know – if you check out her blog, someone made her an award which she’s sharing with all of us!  I don’t know that I feel I’ve earned it yet, but soon……


Special thanks to my sweetest photographer, R. Darling!



*HOTN:  Hot Off The Needles!


11 thoughts on “HOTN* Saturday!

  1. I think the hat looks good on you but you would need to knit it with the brim a bit tighter probably like the first start.

    I know that 100% from stash award was cool. I have a sweater that I want to knit that would fit project spectrum and it would be 100% stash knitting, but right now only socks are 100% stash. My sweater quantities are sliding out the door and I seem to just buy one ball to swatch with.

  2. Yeah, I loved the hat on you and was going to say I want to make one for myself soon too. You really need to make yourself one now!

    I love those Fetchings too! You’re whipping those out all the time these days. That color is just beautiful with the navy!!

    Knitting from the stash for all of these was really cool too! Great award too.

    Tell R. Darling that the photography was fabulous this time too! I really liked your hands modeling the Fetchings, very elegant.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about seeing yourself in the hat! And yes, you do look really lovely in Le Slouch, so its a road you could go down without worrying about looking silly. Cass has a cute tam-ish hat she made up, its similar to the Le Slouch. I think its called The French Insult Tam on Ravelry.

    Which pair of Fetchings is that? You’re a Fetching machine! And they look just as lovely as their predecessors. Your photographer friend is a lucky duck!

  4. I agree with everyone, the slouch looks lovely on you! Nice Fetchings too! I’ll knit some someday, maybe next winter… Have a nice evening… knitting maybe!

  5. That hat does suit you…perfectly, along with the color! Cute photos. I like how in the 3rd one, although your expression isn’t in view, it just seems like you must have a big smile!

  6. Hey Sweetie! Yes, the witch is back online ;) I love your knitting so much! The slouchy slouch looks splendid on you and so does the mittens. I love the colours! I’m so sorry for this long silence, but we really had a tough time down here, and that’s one of the very first days when the things calmed down a bit (more about distater party and few other mussings on my finally updated blog). I will write you a long email tomorrow and tell some more details. Your parcel is getting ready and I should mail it to you this week tops. Bug hugs!

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  8. I’m the terrible knitting friend who didn’t make her these! Thank you so much for doing it as I get the guilts big time when I can’t deliver.

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