Over Four Weeks Of Being Really Freakin’ Good And All I Got Was This Lousy Mug

 heart reward mug1

This bunny needs a treat…..


Actually, I love this mug.  And it loves me back.  It says it right there on the side, “I love you.”  And if you ask me (which you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway) everyone should tell themselves this just a little more often.  I know I have a heckuva lot of trouble with this sentiment myself, but maybe this little reminder filled with the mint tea I’m sipping right now, will make me stop and think about it now and then. 

They say that you should reward yourself for your successful completion of your workout goals.  Technically, improved fitness is probably the reward in itself, but you and I know that that’s a load of crap.  We want presents!!  So, Saturday morning I bought myself this mug.  Ever since Starbuck’s first brought these out after the holidays, I’ve been secretly coveting them.  Saturday there was a red $3.99 sticker on it (marked down from $7.95) and –bam!- it was in my hand.  Who needs more incentive than a red clearance sticker and over 4 weeks of targeted goodness?  It’s so hard to be good sometimes. 

 My online pal over at Pursuit of Fiber was asking me today how the “reduction” was going.  I guess now that it’s February I can stop and take a look at my goals and see what my progress has been like.  Lots of people have probably fallen off the New Year’s Resolution apple cart by now, but I have to say, I’m doing pretty well (we’re doing pretty well).  In over 4 weeks of our Body For Life program, I’ve only missed 1 day of my scheduled workouts (we’re allowed one “Free” day a week where we don’t have a scheduled workout and we can eat what we like) and only substituted less intense cardio on 2 of those days (the infamous snow kayaking trip and a walk outdoors instead of elliptical time).  And let me tell you, it’s damn hard to eat right and workout 6 days a week all while trying to live a normal life. 

But besides my lovely new mug, I’ve been rewarded with this:  an approximate 4 lb. weight loss since the program start date (I didn’t expect this number to budge much because we are doing a lot of weightlifting and muscle weighs more than fat) which is right about where I should be (about 1 lb. per week), a loss of at least 1 inch around my waist, definite increase in muscle tone (hooray!!), and if our body fat scale is correct, which they notoriously aren’t, a close to 2% reduction in my body fat percentage.  And we aren’t even halfway through our 12 week program yet.  I’m looking forward to losing some more and just hope I can stick with it a bit longer.

I know, a more appropriate reward would have been yarn, but I’m trying to stick with that whole reduction theme from my New Year’s Resolution.  In fact, my last couple projects have been from stash yarn and you know what?  It feels good to use some of my stash!   I did indulge in one more reward for myself though.  The 28thirty pattern from Zephyr.  And the best part – I have the perfect yarn already in my stash to make it with!


2830 reward1


How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? I’d love to know!


12 thoughts on “Over Four Weeks Of Being Really Freakin’ Good And All I Got Was This Lousy Mug

  1. Hooray for the weight loss!! That’s so cool and the perfect amount to loose in 4 weeks. Hooray for using the stash yarns too!! I’m swatching with some of mine today and it certainly does feel good to go yarn shopping in the next room! ;)

  2. Congrats on your progress toward your fitness goals! I think the inch off your waist is an amazing milestone as well as the four pounds especially as you have been weight lifting. It probably looks more like the equivalent of six or seven pounds off because of the weight training/body fat % reduction.

  3. Cool news! Exercise is good! It gives energy and is great for the mood. I don’t exercise as much as you do, but I do workout on Mondays and badminton on Tuesdays. It must be fun to be in a program with your boyfriend! Look forward to see that pink 2830!

  4. Congrats on your body project! I’m very proud of you and that makes me think that I should add something very special to your parcel (no way, Sweetie, I won’t tell!). Love your new knitting project, for a moment I was wondering if it’s the pink yarn I sent you, but it looks different ;) Can’t wait to see you wearing it!
    My New Year’s Resolutions? Oh boy, I had none :D but more about it on my blog :P

  5. YAY!!! Many, many congratulations are in order. And I’m so glad that you are seeing results (though sometimes, with dieting and exercise, it’s more about feeling the results than actually seeing them). The best part is that you’ve already gotten so far into the swing of things that you’re at little risk of quitting now – its that pesky first week that gets everyone :)

    So far my knitting resolutions are actually coming along very nicely (magic loop, turkish cast on, toe up socks, lace, working on my own patterns) and I didn’t really make any other resolutions for fear of immediately breaking them. Good job working from the stash! The way I see it, if it’s in your stash, you must have liked it enough to buy it at some point… so just pretend you’re going shopping in your stash closet!

  6. The mug is really cute. Congratulations on your successes. Remember the saying, “All great accomplishments are achieved through many smaller victories.” You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.
    I don’t make New Years resolutions. But I can honestly say that self improvement is something that I put a lot of thought into year-round……….and act upon with varying degrees of success. =>

  7. Excellent on your progress! It’s great when things actually work the way they should..like our ‘plans’ and such. I love the mug. I, too, saw it a couple of weeks ago…..Maybe I need to reward myself for attaining my fitness and life goals, which I am doing very well with, by the way!

  8. I’m so glad you did get the mug! And I hope it will remind you of the sentiment and your remarkable fitness accomplishments. That is superb that you’re able to follow the program and all the better that you & R. Darling can do it together :)

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