Furry Feet: 100 Woolies – January/February Update

january socks1

Recent Warm Woolies knits


Today is my Friday. I’m tired. There’ll be no good natured joshing around here on the blog today. Maybe you just want to check out the photo and skip the rest. That’s cool with me. I feel the same way tonight.

I wanted to post this yesterday for WIP Wednesday (which I have actually never done!) but things got crazy and I just didn’t get the chance. Remember that Warm Woolies goal I had for this year? I didn’t forget! I’ve just been consistently whittling away at it and the results are rather less than spectacular. But I figured it was time for an update now that it’s February and, well, I don’t have anything else remotely interesting to share today.

As I figure it, I have to knit around 9 items per month to make my goal and so far I am woefully behind on things, what with all the weight lifting and other junk keeping me occupied. Officially, I’ve completed 5.5 items towards my goal of knitting 100 items this year for Warm Woolies but I do have a couple holdovers from last year that I’m not counting in the totals yet (a vest I got a little “creative” with that I’m not sure about, and a cardigan coat that is about 90% complete). Right now, I’ve been knitting a lot of socks and counting the pair as one item. It doesn’t seem right to count individual socks as one item each because, really, you can’t give just one sock to someone! If I get desperate later on though, my high minded ideals might just find themselves a little more bendy…..

I did find out something interesting the other day when I stopped by the site. It’s not updated frequently, but it had been updated since I’d been there last and it turns out that they’re having a contest! I didn’t know this when I set my 2008 goals for myself, but it’s a happy coincidence. Lucky for me, they need the socks that I decided to focus on too! So, I’ll be groovin’ on with the furry feet for sure ;)


10 thoughts on “Furry Feet: 100 Woolies – January/February Update

  1. OMG, they are sooo cute! I love the picture! Makes me think of spring (no idea why, but you know that I’m weird :P)
    It seems that everybody feels blaaah lately… this must be the weather and the time of the year!

  2. It’s Friday and I have a beautiful new pair of fetching mitts and all is good :-) Thank you so much!

    Sorry you’re not feeling it today. I love the picture, tho!

  3. OK, I just have to throw this out there because now you know how much I think you’re cool – hanging socks from trees does not make the crazy look subtle. :P I love the picture, it’s so sweet.

  4. Maryanne, I love this photo! Pat yourself on the back for trying to stick to your goal. I hope you get out of that funk soon. I felt like that this week too, I just wanted to look at blog pictures not actually read them. Thanks for the email, I will reply this weekend! Happy Friday!

  5. Love the socks and the way you hung them for the photo. Totally adorable. Bravo on 5.5 items. I say it’s better to set a goal and fall short than to not do anything. Baby hats go very quickly. You can always do a bunch of those toward the end to bring up your totals. And don’t forget how many people you may have alrady inspired which means your 100 items may beget thousands….


  6. Aww, those socks are precious! There will be many warm, happy feet :)

    And don’t worry about hitting 100 items on the dot. Kathy is 100% right – your determination has inspired plenty of other knitters to join the cause, and by that logic, you can count whatever items I end up knitting for Warm Woolies to your own total hehe.

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