Unbirthday! Er….Unbloggyversary-day! O.k. It’s Another Contest!

The Unbirthday Song

Statistics prove, prove that you’ve one birthday,
one birthday ev’ry year.
But there are three hundred and sixty four
That is why we’re gathered here to cheer.
A very merry unbirthday to you, to you.
A very merry unbirthday to you,
It’s great to drink to someone and I guess that you will do.
A very merry unbirthday to you


When I was a kid, I loved Alice In Wonderland.  This probably shouldn’t surprise you by now.  My best girl friend and I would have unbirthday tea parties every chance we got, taking turns being the lucky unbirthday girl for the day.  We sang that little ditty above over and over while eating pretend pink cupcakes and drinking water out of our tea cups in our best dress-up finery.  So as you can see, I have a long standing fondness for a good unbirthday celebration.

Today, as it happens, is my Unbloggyversary Day!  This is different from what I call my “Official Bloggyversary” (back in October) which is merely the day I blogged here for the first time.  No, the Unbloggyversary is special in its own right.  On this day last year I suddenly got serious about blogging for reals.  Unlike previous fits and starts I’d had in the past, this time it stuck.  It’s become an important part of my life somehow.  And what better way to celebrate that, than with a contest for all of you?  Sure beats eating pretend cupcakes in big girl clothes!

So here’s how to play:  Leave me a comment, asking me anything you’d like to know about me, my knitting, my life etc. and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a kit to make these and whatever other little treats I can find to put in:



More info here & the colorway is Tuscan Rosa in this yarn


The deadline for questions will be February 16, 2008, a week from today to give everyone who doesn’t visit very often a chance to participate.    I don’t suspect that I have that many readers so you have a pretty good chance to win if you enter ;)  I’ll answer the questions everyone leaves in a post (or posts depending on how many of you there are) so you can all enjoy the answers and most likely discover that I am  “curiouser and curiouser” than you ever imagined.  So, here’s to Unbloggyversaries and pink cupcakes!  Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you! 

BTW:  I’m not that clever.  I got this idea from Robin and I really enjoyed it when she did her contest.  She graciously allowed me to copycat her.  Thanks Robin!!

A very merry unbloggyversary to me…. and you!


47 thoughts on “Unbirthday! Er….Unbloggyversary-day! O.k. It’s Another Contest!

  1. Darn you and your tempting Hemp for Knitting. I can’t resist the call of Hemp for Knitting. I love that stuff. I need to start a stash of all her stuff. It is so nice and wears so well. Oh right I am supposed to as you a question.

    Question: What are some of your favorite comments from your blog readers?

    Question: What do you look for in a knitting pattern? [I think this is the one I asked Robin, just so you know that I recycle ;)]

  2. I think I lost my previous entry… darn internet. Anyway, funny that this is your topic today since we have watched Alice and Wonderland about 50 times this week. Every time I turn around Addie wants to watch it. I may have to knit her the tea set from Itty Bitty Nursery.

    My question is: when you were little,what did you want to be when you grew up?

  3. Okay – my question … because I just never asked and I’m curious. What are your family origins, and where are your ancestors from? For some reason I love to know this about people, don’t ask me why?

    And Happy UnBirthday!!!! Those are always fun!

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  5. Well, Happy Unbloggyversary to you! And that kit looks so yummy!

    Question: What type of blog entries entice you to bookmark that blog and go back to read it over and over again?

  6. What was your favorite vacation you have ever taken? I love the kit I could make it for my daughter Mercedes her 17th birthday is April Fools Day and she has always wanted this type of wrist warmers:)Hugs Darcy

  7. Happy unbloggyversary! I like that idea. I actually had an unbirthday party one year – I think it was my grandma’s idea. They were usually visiting for my brother’s birthday and never for mine (wrong time of year), so one year I got dinner and cake and presents six months away from my birthday. It was a wonderful surprise.

    So, thinking of that makes me wonder: what was one of the best surprises you’ve ever had? (It doesn’t need to be birthday-related.)

  8. love the unbirthday – we also celebrate half birthdays – you know 6 months before/after your birthday…

    how do you stash your stash? closet, plastic tubs or something more organized?

    thanks for the change at those wrist warmers.

  9. I always ask new acquaintances this question: So, how did you meet your partner? Did you “know” right away? (And that’s a good question for Valentine’s Day, anyways.)

  10. I arrieved here via Amy’s blog… so I have some reading to catch up on. But my first and formost question that pops into my head when I first encounter a new blog is, “What kind of projects really get this knitter all jazzed up?”

  11. Well a very happy un-blogiversary to you, to you.

    What is your absolutely favorite yarn (right now – I know that changes with new yarns tried)

  12. Oh, sounds like “The Tale of The Curious Oysters”…..this is one of our most watched movies to date. We have Un-Birthday parties every other month or so…..any excuse for cupcakes and tea!

    Question: Of all your Bloggy Peeps, who(m) would you most like to meet IRL? And why?

    I don’t think anyone has asked this question..

  13. Happy un birthday!

    Question: do you like to cook? If so what is your favorite meal to cook and why?

    Question: If you could magically wave a wand and change one thing about yourself : would you, what would it be and why?

    Question: Favorite drink when out on the town?

  14. I must admit, Alice in Wonderland has always freaked me out! With Alice in mind, though, my question is: “if you could invite anyone to a tea party, who would you invite and why?”

    PS: Thanks for your recent kind comments both on my blog and ravelry. You’re such a sweety!

  15. Wow, everyone has asked really great questions! I love that hemp too, so I have to at least try for the prize. My question is, “Do you ever plan to get your own Harley?” Happy Unblogiverssary!

  16. Hmmm – so many interesting questions. How about something fundamental – what’s your favorite color? Mine is immediately obvious – both from the name (and if you ever meet me in person)

    Happy unblogiversary and many more!

  17. Happy Un-bloggiversary :-) I have to look up when I started blogging – must be somewhere in April or so. Strange enough I don’t feel like celebrating at all…LOL! My upcoming birthday is the start of many birthdays to follow I’m afraid.

    That brings me to the question:

    How do birthdays follow each other in your family?

  18. Happy un-blogiversary! I love Lewis Carrol!

    Question: I’ve tried to start blogging several times and never stick with it. Was there anything in particular that you did to help you keep blogging, or was it just finally the right time?

  19. Happy Unblogiversary – to you, to you.

    What would you really LOVE to knit (whether it is within your skill set or not)

  20. Wow, lots of comments so far!! Happy Unblogiversary! Love that hemp and pattern too.

    Hmmm, what should I ask that hasn’t been asked? What is your favorite food?

  21. Happy unblogiversary.

    I always knit and do something else – read, watch a movie, listen to TV. Do you, or are you someone who just focuses on the knitting?

  22. Ok, here’s my question… Do you have any knitting fears?

    The reason for my question is due to me having a fear of dpns and the possibility of failure using them. I’ve recently realized that I just need to throw myself into it in order for me to get over it.

  23. You have a great blog with lots of creative ideas.

    my question is Of all the things you have created, including the knitting, what has been the most enjoyable to make?

    best Lucette

  24. Happy unblogiversary, to you, to you…..

    I LOVE Alice in Wonderland…..”Off with her head…”

    As one of you regular peeps…..I want to know if you could be anything in the world, what would it be and why?

    And yes, please tell me about the Harley….

  25. oooh, I’m finally getting to catch up on my blog reading! A very happy unbloggyversary to you indeed! You’re talented, kind, funny, pretty…all the good things in life! You don’t have to enter me, seeing as how you already sent me something…and I’ll be sending you a little something in return VERY soon!

  26. Oh, I love it, love it, love it!!!! Alice was (and is) my fav as well. As a kid, I demagnetized the VHS tape from watching the movie too often. May you have a super happy unblogiversary :)

    And now, on to my question… (I hope no one has asked it yet – there’s too many comments to read through them all!)

    Do you have any “possible but hard to achieve” dreams? Do you think you’ll ever do any of them?

  27. I love Alice in Wonderland! *happy memories* Anywho, congrats to you and I was trying to think of a question that hasn’t been asked yet and I figured one out!

    What is your stupid human trick? (Everyone has one whether they admit it or not… heck I have many but shall only divulge three for inspiration. For example, I can whistle with my tongue (it sounds like a pipe flute), I can fold my tongue inwards to make this flower thing (I apparently have excellent control of my tongue XD), and I have found the exact angle to bend my wrists so that I can see my visible pulse (I asked my doctor if that was an issue since the first time I did it I thought it meant I had some heart failure stuff going on…apparently it means nothing but cool party trick none the less). Can’t wait to hear your stupid human tricks…

  28. I see in the post over this one that you like making up your own words. As I love it too, my questions are related to that: What is your favorite word among those you’ve made up, and what does it mean to you? Do you tend to make up more words related to knitting, or to other areas of your life? Any idea why?

  29. What is something you’d like to knit but can’t (because it would be impossible to have spun)? Unicorn feathering (the long fur around their legs)? Cirrus clouds? A tordado? Monkey fur? Anything?

  30. Don’t know if i’ll make it in time (but i think we have nine hours of time difference). so far i only read about your and R. Darling’s winter kayaking last month and i know the two of you have a training program which started recently. how do you motivate each other to be sporty and keep the training going? have you considered entering a race together (ex: Ironman or the likes?

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