Smookiness and Contest Answers Part 1


Seen at Starbuck’s this morning…..


Hmmmm.  What do you suppose “smookiness” is?  As the regular bloggy peeps know, I have a fondness for making up my own words.  Imagine the fun I had this morning pondering the meaning of smookiness.  The potential is endless!  Perhaps it is a combination of smooth and snarky?  Like when the barista forgets your drink after you’ve waited 10 minutes and when another patron points out that your drink should have been first, she says sorry in a way that tells you she doesn’t really mean it?  Smooth, yet snarky.  Hey, she can revel in her smookiness if she wants, but I got a free drink anyway. 

But the questions.  Man oh man, you guys really asked some good ones!  Thanks so much to everyone, old and new, who stopped to leave a comment!  I anticipated only having to write one post to answer these, but I guess the lure of free stuff was just too great ;)  Usually, I try to respond personally to all the comments I receive, but for this contest I’ll be forgoing that tradition in order to share all the answers here with everyone else.  So here we go….

purple asks:  “How about something fundamental – what’s your favorite color?” 

Hee.  Pink!  More pink.  Oh yeah, did I mention I like pink?  PINK!  And brown.  Actually, I’m trying to branch out with this because everything I own seems to be pink lately.  So there will be more red and clover green appearing in my FO’s most likely.

Gladys asks:  “I always ask new acquaintances this question: So, how did you meet your partner? Did you “know” right away? (And that’s a good question for Valentine’s Day, anyways.)”

The regular peeps have heard this one before (and there’s a much more clever version here on my blog if you’re interested) but it’s kinda sweet after all and definitely in the spirit of Valentine’s Day so I’ll share a shortened version here :)  Well, R. Darling (my hubby) and I met in first grade.  Then again in high school after attending different schools for a while.  We liked each other then, but it didn’t work out.  After re-meeting again at our 10 year high school reunion, we started dating and have been together ever since.  I did, actually, know “right away” after meeting him again at our reunion.  But I would never have guessed back in high school that I would have married someone I went to school with!

Melanie asks:  “My question: are you right or left-handed ?”

I’m a righty!  I do knit continental though (I don’t think anyone asked this yet….) which one of my friends tells me is the “left-handed” way.  Hmmmm…. don’t know if that’s accurate or not.  It doesn’t much surprise me that I’m a right hander though because I am most definitely left-brain dominant.  We took one of those weird tests in high school that’s supposed to tell you which you were and I was so far to the left-brain side that I was almost off the chart.  Me and the science teacher.  Yep.  I’m a nerd. 

Elaine says:  “I always knit and do something else – read, watch a movie, listen to TV. Do you, or are you someone who just focuses on the knitting?”

Wow, you can knit and read at the same time?!  Totally amazing!!  Yes, I usually do something else when I’m knitting, but not very well!  I’m one of those people who has to look at what they’re doing even if it’s just mindless stockinette.  I usually watch a movie I’ve seen already or cartoons that I don’t have to fully concentrate on.  Lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks thanks to Robin’s suggestion :)  But if there’s something on TV I’m really interested in the knitting disappears (sorry knitting, I still love you but Pushing Daisies comes first…..).

Knit Girl asks: “My question will be “what is your fave number? and why?””

My favorite number over 10 would have to be 12.  Silly reason why.  Because my birthday is on the 12th.  My favorite number under 10 is 4.  Just nice and even and small.  I have an OCD sorta thing about even and odd numbers which is slowly relaxing with time, but used to be slightly consuming for me.  And apparently I have an odd version of it because most people seem to feel that even numbers are less harmonious whereas I feel that odd numbers seem unbalanced and bad luck. 

Well, I think you’ve had enough of my crap for the day!  Thanks so much to everyone for playing along and I’ll have the next installment up soon.  Thanks for visiting and hope your day is smooky-free!


6 thoughts on “Smookiness and Contest Answers Part 1

  1. smookiness. I love it. Churchable is always going though my professional papers and taking out the Chrisisms. He always busts up laughing when he comes across a new one. Thank goodness he normally knows what I am trying to express with me new word.

    I tend to do it the most when I am talking too fast and just can’t get the right word out because that word does not roll off my tongue so easily. I have words that I avoid when I type and words I avoid when I talk because they never come out right.

    Odd numbers 77777777. Ok enough torture. It does cause me to send you a pattern to test knit that it all in odd numbers.

    Have a great day

  2. LOL at the answers – I think they might have meant “smokiness” (“of, or imbued with a smoky flavor” is my made-up definition) with the “smookiness” word.

  3. lol at the sign. hubby will not play scrabble with me as i will make up words, have a definition for them and swear they are real…smookiness, smile! gotta remember that one!

  4. I have an odd version of it because most people seem to feel that even numbers are less harmonious whereas I feel that odd numbers seem unbalanced and bad luck.

    Even numbers are waaayyy more balanced. I’m with you on this one! Although I’m not OCD about numbers, I definitely prefer the even ones.

  5. Smookiness!!! I love it :) Such interesting questions, and such interesting answers. I really like this contest idea! And you’re right about the lure of free things… it is quite strong.

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