Welcome You Are Not HRM Booger King (Contest Answers Part Deux)!

The Booger King seems to have moved his winter palace into my sinuses this week.  His minions are busily mining for diamonds in my nasal cavity, pounding away with their little claw hammers.  I tried sneezing them out at least 50 times yesterday, but they’re tenacious.  Hate to disappoint you Booger King, but there’s no diamonds in there.  You can move on now please.  Go try that poor sucker over there. 

Lucky for me though, all you supa-fantastic bloggy peeps out there have given me something to write about while my sinuses try to survive the onslaught!  So sit tight, you’re in for the next round of questions and answers!


Laura asks:  “Time and money being no object-what would you knit…and what would you do(other than knit)?”

Hmmm….. What would I knit?  Probably the Red Carpet Gown from the Greetings from Knit Cafe Book or Cleopatra from Romantic Handknits by Annie Modesitt.  I mean, silk dresses!  I’d probably change the colors on Cleopatra though or make it a solid color.  As far as what I would do with myself if money was no object, that’s easy.  I’d travel non-stop and see everything there was to see!

Debbi asks:  “What is your favorite gift that you have received in a swap?”

This is probably hard to believe, but I’ve only participated in 2 swaps total.  I’d have to say that I love the roving and spindle that AJ sent me during the Sock It To Me Swap over the summer as well as the socks she made me and the Koigu she sent!  I’m learning how to spin right now (more on that later) and I never would have thought about it if it weren’t for her.  Thanks AJ!!



Monument Valley 2003


Jenny asks (and Lisa also wants to know):  “Do you ever plan to get your own Harley?”

Hee.  I have this little problem with falling asleep on the back of the bike, so probably not.  Plus, I hate to drive.  But every once in a while, when we get on some lonely back road with miles of nothing all around, I wish I could.  Besides, I think it’s pretty bad ass when girls ride Harleys!

Lisa also asked:  “As one of your regular peeps…..I want to know if you could be anything in the world, what would it be and why?”

Wow, that’s a tough one!  I have always thought it would be really kick ass to be one of those people on the Travel Channel who goes to different countries and shows you the “cool” places to stay and eat while you’re visiting.  I mean, you get paid to do something that’s already fun!  I think there’s also a tiny part of me that wishes I could have been a great singer or actress though……

Jess wanted to know:  “When you were little,what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Oh man.  What didn’t I want to be?  I swear it changed daily!  When I was in kindergarten my mom got me a memory book for my school years that went from kindergarten up to 12th grade.  Inside there were spaces to write your height and weight, your friends’ names, your favorite subjects in school, and pockets to hold report cards and things as well as a space to paste a portrait.  I pulled it out after I started thinking about Jess’ question and I looked at the kindergarten page and it read, “When I grow up I want to be: A star, a painter, and-um-a grower of flowers, a doctor; oh!  I want to be a lot of things.”  This is apparently, word for word, what I told my mom.  I guess that sums it up, but from about 5th grade on I developed a huge interest in science and I have pretty much wanted to be a scientist since then.

And this brings me to Monica’s question:  “What do you do in your “real” job? I’m so curious. hehe”

I’m a mad, mad scientist mwaaaaah-aaah-aaah!  O.k.  That was creepy.  But I kinda am :)  For those of you who don’t know this, I’m a microbiologist.  I work in a local lab that does bacterial and chemistry testing on food products, water, and milk products.  That might sound glamorous and exciting, but it’s kinda not.  At least not once you get used to it the way I have.  In reality we get the work done and then spend the rest of our time dicking around :)  I hope that answered your question Monica, but if there wasn’t enough gory detail, feel free to ask and I’ll supply some more!


O.k.  I know there’s so many more questions I should answer but the Booger King is insisting that lights out must occur in his kingdom within 15 minutes or a reign of terror will ensue!  Thanks everyone for playing along and I’ll have the next installment up soon.  Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!

BTW:  Yes, I’m channeling my inner Yoda up there in the title.  My work buddy told me this morning that the postal service has released a new Yoda stamp.  Yep.  All true.  Check it out you must!


8 thoughts on “Welcome You Are Not HRM Booger King (Contest Answers Part Deux)!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Your job sounds like mine – getting stuff done and dicking around the rest of the time! Is Monument Valley near Sedona? It looks like that area.

  2. Hey! I’m a knitting lab rat too! But my micro skills have sadly withered away like a dried-out petri dish. Not that I was ever any good at picking plates. Blood bank is more my cup of tea. (Ew, bad visual. Sorry :-P)

    And, well, just because I feel like saying it, the microbiologists I work with SWEAR they’re busy ALL the time…

  3. Mad Scientist, indeed! Hope you feel better soon!

    P.S. I love your snow kayaking photos! Brrrr! Also, I think Le Slouch looks great on you (you should definitely consider making yourself some kind of beret in the future), and your fetchings are such a lovely color – I’m sure your pal will love them! (As you can see, I’m way behind in my blog reading… trying madly to catch up : ) )

  4. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day hun!!! And thank you so much for your wishes. Hope you and R Darling did something heart-meltingly romantic :) Woohoo, meltingly, quasi-new word! All for you ^_^ Such interesting answers. Microbiology is really cool, and a job where you can dick around if you’re done with your stuff is a job worth keeping hehe.

  5. Mine too….but since 1997. I love the Harley answer and the Travel Channel job is so me too. Get paid to travel the world and report on the sights and the food…..how do we get that job?

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