Contest Answers Part 3

 ikea pots 21608a

My new Ikea pots


Yesterday R. Darling took me down south for a visit to Ikea and Red Lobster as a belated Valentine’s Day celebration.  I know, it probably sounds kinda ghetto to you but I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to what makes me happy.  We had a great day just hanging out and stuffing our faces, though 90% of it involved being stuck in traffic.  I’ll take being stuck in traffic with you any day sweetie, over wine and roses with someone else!  The only fallout is that I had to work out twice today (ugh).  But it was totally worth it.

Today is the final day I’m taking questions for my little contest.  So if you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got until midnight tonight!  I’ve still got a ton of your questions to answer so I’m going to try to bust out a few more of them tonight if I can.  And this time, the questions will mostly be about knitting!  We all know that’s much more exciting than talking about me.  Thanks again everyone for stopping by! This has been really fun for me ;) 

Timiae asked a really interesting one:  “What is something you’d like to knit but can’t (because it would be impossible to have spun)? Unicorn feathering (the long fur around their legs)? Cirrus clouds? A tornado? Monkey fur? Anything?”

I think I’d love a hank of autumn sunshine or maybe a tropical sunset.  Or the smell of the summer air here where I live – ripe with berries and wet leaves.  Red rose petals maybe…..  It’s fun to think about!

Jen asked:  “What is your favorite FO that you’ve made for yourself? (no gifted items)”

Guess what?  I have only completed 3 items for myself in the 2+ years that I’ve been knitting!  And I have 2 more that are only half-finished at this point.  So that leaves me with a rather stunted list of things to choose from!  But I’d have to say that so far Rusted Root has been my favorite FO for myself.  But I have a sneaky feeling I’m going to like Juliet a lot once I finish it too.



My Rusted Root in K1C2 Angora Soft


Yasmin asked:  “What hand-made gifts do you like to receive?” and “….since I’m new to knitting, what pattern would you suggest which you think is not too intimidating but pretty enough to keep going?”

Well, I like pretty much anything anyone is willing to make me!  I rarely receive handmade gifts.  In fact, I think all I’ve received is a pair of socks from a sock swap and a scarf my best friend made me a few years back.  Because I make a lot of handmade gifts, I know how much time and effort goes into something like that and I am always touched that someone would do something like that for me.  As for the second question, I think that the Rusted Root pictured above is a great first sweater project.  It was the first sweater that I ever made for myself and the lace kept it interesting while the construction was simple enough for a beginner.  Hope that helps!

Ruby asks:  “What’s your favorite knitting book?”

Wow, there’s so many good ones out there it will be hard to choose!  But I think that Stefanie Japel’s “Fitted Knits” is at the top of my short list right now just because of the sheer number of projects in it that I want to knit.  As far as technique type books, I don’t really have a favorite but I am definitely interested in picking up some Elizabeth Zimmermann books since everyone is always raving about those.

Rachel O. asked:  “What do you enjoy knitting most?”  which is related to Wendy’s question:  “What kind of projects really get this knitter all jazzed up?”

I’m equal opportunity when it comes to knits.  Really.  I know we all say that, but I don’t have a real preference for one type of object over another.  That being said, I guess that I do enjoy knitting instant gratification type things – socks (though that instant gratification part is questionable), baby knits, toys.  But that’s mostly because I have a hard time finding the time to finish anything else.  I do fall in love on a daily basis with different sweater patterns all the time though.  I’m usually drawn to feminine shapes and lace detailing.

blogless in NJ and Robyn both wanted to know what my favorite yarn was and why:

My favorite sock yarn would have to be Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks That Rock (at least so far; I’ve got skeins of some other lovely stuff that I haven’t tried yet such as Hazel Knits from my pal Wendee & Vesper Sock yarn from Knitterly Things).  I wrote a post about it back here, but basically it comes in gorgeous colorways and is super soft and yummy to knit with!  As far as other yarns, right now I’m in love with my Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK.  I haven’t actually knit with it yet and maybe I won’t love it so much after that, but have you smooshed this stuff?  Think fluffy bunnies.  Yeah, that soft!  Most wools give me the monster itches, so I tend to go for blends.  Rowan’s Cashsoft DK is another one I can’t wait to knit up.

Jersey Jessie wanted to know:  “What would you really LOVE to knit (whether it is within your skill set or not)?’

I would really love to knit Annie Modesitt’s Corset Tank Top!  I’ve seen so many flattering and beautiful versions.  I don’t know whether it’s in my skill set or not yet, but maybe someday ;)

Shain wanted to know if I had any knitting fears:

Yeah, tons!  But the biggest one would have to be seaming and setting in a sleeve.  Of all the sweaters I’ve knit so far, not a single one has been anything other than knit in the round which requires minimal seaming.  Now that I’ve gotten used to how easy that method is, I’m very intimidated by the idea of making something in pieces that then need to be sewn together.  But I try to think of knitting in terms of the idea that it’s just string!  That means that as much as it would hurt to rip things out, I could do it and nothing would really be earth-shatteringly altered by that.  So I say, just dive in with those dpn’s Shain!  What’s the worst that could happen?

Beth (who just revealed to me that she is also a lab rat – woot!) asked:  “What is the most favorite project you ever knit for someone (or yourself). What was it, and why is it your favorite?”

Hmmmmm.  Such tough questions!  Ummm…. I think the project I enjoyed knitting the most was the Falling Leaves Scarves I made for pretty much all the ladies in my family the first year that I made handknit gifts for Christmas.  This was my very first lace project and not only was it simple, but the results were dramatically attractive after all the blocking was finished.  Totally worth it!  One of those minimal effort, maximum impact kinda projects.


frosty back a

This year’s version of Falling Leaves


Amy wanted to know:  “How do you stash your stash? closet, plastic tubs or something more organized?”

More organized?  Ha!  Surely you jest ;)  Well, half of my stash is in a wooden cubby cabinet that I got at Pier 1 when my stash was tiny and nonexistent and I had to work to fill the darn thing.  Since then, there is pretty much yarn in any place that I can find room (shhhh….. don’t tell R. Darling!!).  There are a couple plastic tubs and also some more in the shipping boxes that they arrived in.  -Sigh- I’m so awful!  I do wish it was more organized, but there’s the awful truth….


Wow!  If you made it to here, I’m very grateful and impressed that you endured my crap!  Thanks for all the great questions and I’ll be drawing names sometime tomorrow and hopefully posting the winner’s name on Monday.  Hope you are all having a great weekend and I guess that the only thing better than blogging about knitting would be actually knitting, so I’m off to see what I can fit in before bed…..


9 thoughts on “Contest Answers Part 3

  1. Sounds like a fun Valentine’s celebration despite the traffic! I like your Ikea pots; I may have to get some myself!

    Your Rusted Root top is very cute! And come to think of it, K1C2 Angora Soft is how I originally found your blog :)

  2. Ikea and Red Lobster seems like a good combination to me! The pots make me think about spring. We got so much snow out here… I don’t know if it will melt before June or July ;-) Wow! You’ve been answering a lot of questions.

  3. This multi-part q and a series is so interesting! I look forward to part 4. (And your vday sounds lovely! Wine, roses, and candlelight aren’t always the best celebrations. Ikea is a super awesome place to go with your hunny, and probably more fun!)

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