Because I’m Sure You’re All Dying To Know……

Last night all the names went into one of my new Ikea pots…..


contest pot1


And then the R. Darling Automaton 3000 chose a name……


contest winner 2 08a


Hooray!!  My Unbloggyversary Contest winner is Jenny of Jeneration-X Knit Blog!


Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by and participating!  I’ve really enjoyed hearing from each and every one of you!  I know there are some of you whose questions I have yet to answer and I promise I’ll get to those very soon.  The glamorous housefrau life is calling my name right now though so time is short.  But I wanted to announce the contest winner for all of you because I’m sure you’re all antsy to know if it was you ;)  Thanks again everyone for playing along – it’s been a ton of fun for me (and I hope for you)!


BTW:  It appears that the R. Darling Automaton 3000 seems to have a certain unexplained affinity for “Jenny’s”.  You may recall that the winner of my Treatful Tuesday Contest a few weeks ago was Jenny of Jennyarn.  Preliminary studies indicate no malicious glitches to be found, but a full inspection will be performed before the next contest. 


8 thoughts on “Because I’m Sure You’re All Dying To Know……

  1. Congrats Jenny #2!!! That R. Darling 3000 is so handy (though I would check his address book for any out of place Jennys – you might be onto something with this subconscious affinity for them).

  2. Oh boy, I again missed all the fun :( Crap! You had such brilliant idea! ANyhow, I love your new Ikea pots (I just love Ikea, Kristen and I got addicted :P). Came back from Prague on Sunday night and had some distruction here, but now I’m back on the track and promise to write you tomorrow a descent email :D Hope that the card will reach you soon :D

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