Kentucky Fried Friday Fill-In #61

vesper aquamelon1


Random Yarn Porn from my stash (since I hate to post without pics)

This is some Vesper Sock Yarn from Knitterly Things in the Aquamelon colorway.  I’m addicted to her colors!


This week has been a Kentucky Fried kind of week.  Meaning, I feel about as dried up and nasty as a fast food chicken leg that’s been sitting under the heat lamp for way too long.  But in the interest of keeping this blog “would-you-like-some-cheese-with-that-whine?” free, I’ll try to keep the complaints to myself.  I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is sniveling around here and maybe a little Friday Fill-In action would be just the thing we need!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday Fill-In #61
(get yours here)

1. I’m looking forward to getting some drugs next week.
2. I don’t handle stress very well.
3. Fresh fruit and sushi is something I could eat every day.
4. Warmth and sunlight are so welcome after our gloomy winters here in the PacNW.
5. Vegas here I come!
6. I  tattoo(s).  But think I’m getting too old to get one….
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting, tomorrow my plans include chores & errands and Sunday, I want to knit all day!


Have a great weekend Bloggy Peeps!!


9 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Friday Fill-In #61

  1. I love the yarn photo! Just beautiful :-)

    As for #6…to each their own, but I’m waaay older than you and I’m not done yet ;-)

    Thanks for playing! Have fun this weekend, and feel better!

  2. Ok … first off, you are NOT too old to get another tattoo. I think 65 is a good cut off as far as age goes. :-) I want to get another one sometime this year, but with buying our first house, I’m not sure if that’ll happen.

    Which reminded of a story. There is this really cool lady at my church (all the cool kids are Unitarians. LOL!) Asaika is from Japan, and used to be in the fashion industry in NYC before she retired. Anyhoo, we were talking about tattoos one day and I showed her mine. She smiled, but then said, “AI! The only people in Japan with tattoos are the Yakuza. But you are young, so it’s okay.” She’s so great!

    And drugs are always good. :-)

  3. I hear you on #2……and #4, same here in the NE. We are getting ready for about 10 more inches of snow… least I LOVE to snow shoe.

    Gorgeous picture….feel better soon!

  4. What a lovely yarn! It just screams your name! Hey, I love tatoos too, but I don’t have enough guts to get one ;) I hope that you got tons of knitting done and that things are better now!

  5. You are never too old to get a tatoo – did you see the Miami Ink episode where the 80 + yr old woman got one incase she died some would know her name? I was 29 before I got my first one and am now looking to get another at 46. I hope to have them all done by the time I am fifty only so I can enjoy them for a while. I have 3 more planned, so I better get cracking. Feel better.

  6. Fresh fruit and sushi….. YUM YUM YUM!

    I love tattoos too! Do you have any already, or would this be a first? And hell no, you’re not to old. I don’t think you’re ever too old. The only thing you can get too old for is a tramp-stamp-ish butterfly copied directly from tattoo parlour flash on your lower back. That is reserved exclusively for impulsive 16 yr olds :) I have sooo wanted a tattoo but its just never come around yet (either I have no money, or I move and need to find a new shop). What have you been thinking of?

  7. Okay, if you’re to old for tats, then I’m in BIG trouble……I’ve already got Trouble doing the art work for my next one. I’m so glad that I have two different types of artists in the house. And, Wifey is finally getting the never to get her very first one!

    I could eat sushi and fresh daily right there with you, as long as there is some sake thrown in for good measure every now and again.

    Sending you tons of Texas sun to feel better and hopefully the drugs are kicking in by now!

    PS – thanks for sharing the yarn prOn.

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