Pot de Vie*

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Happy memories keep me going when everything else is the suck…..


The very sweet Laura e-mailed me yesterday and mentioned that she noticed I hadn’t blogged since Friday and was wondering if everything was alright here in Funkytown. My life the last couple weeks can best be summed up by that old adage: “When it rains, it pours.” Except this time Life skipped the thunderstorm, backed its ass up to the the fire hydrant, turned that sucker on, and aimed 800 gallons per minute directly at my face. I need a vacation.

Realistically though, my little lapse in good luck is nothing compared to what many people go through on a daily basis so I haven’t wanted to spend much time here feeling sorry for myself. Suffice it to say, I’m grateful for so many things and a little run of badness here or there is just the way the cookie crumbles. I know I’m a lucky girl and life, for me, is pretty darn good.

But Laura’s e-mail got me a-ponder (New word? Hee. I love those). See, I’d never thought of myself as a very regular blogger. Not regular enough for anyone to notice if I was “missing”. Unlike many of you, who blog every day and seem chock full of exciting activities and novel ideas, it takes a few days for something interesting to rise to the surface of the slow bubbling crock pot that is my life (no, not crack pot, unless you’re asking the neighborhood witnesses to my front yard “photo shoots”). Yeah, I said it. It seems an appropriate metaphor despite the kitschy 70’s overtones.

There’s always something delicious-smelling, warm and comforting in this pot of my life, but it has to simmer and mingle and frolic in that pot before the full flavor and spice can be appreciated.  The tiny seeds of thought in my head and meaningful events that shape my days percolate in the background; sometimes languidly, sometimes germinating in seconds, taking root and spreading in lush vividness until I can’t push them away.  When I’m ready, I share. And I always hope, with all my might, that it’s worth the wait.

But something has been occupying my thoughts the last couple weeks away and today seems like a good day to discuss the whole mess. See, even though I blog, I don’t know why I blog. I’ve tried to figure it out but I just can’t. Maybe if I had a clear sense of this I’d be more like those of you who can blog every single day and always have something exciting to talk about. Or would I find myself on the other end of the spectrum with those of you who only blog once a month, or on a more random basis? Maybe your schedule is defined by the reasons that you blog.  I’m curious. Truly I am. Because sometimes I feel without purpose here and I wonder what keeps the rest of you going. Fill me in please! I’m dying to know: “Why do you blog?” and what keeps you going?

So, that fire hydrant has slowed to a trickle and I’m back to stirring the pot.  Thank you Laura for checking that I’m indeed alive! You’re a dear ;) And I hope to be back with all of you on my regular slow-cooker schedule very soon! Until then: Knit on & prosper!


* I do not speak French so feel free to laugh yourself silly


8 thoughts on “Pot de Vie*

  1. I only blog when I have something to share. Not a whole lot happens during my week that’s all that exciting. But, I’ve noticed that the smallest detail that I think is so insignificant is usually what people comment on the most. Glad thinks are perking up a bit! :)

  2. I’m the same way, I only blog when I have something I really want to share. I work from home and don’t interact with anyone on a daily basis except hubby and the occasional grocery clerk! LOL I agree with Jenny, when you blog about the stuff you (meaning people in general) take for granted (me with my dogs) people come out of nowhere to comment.

    I guess we all just want to feel connected and my bloggy friends are my only girly friends to chat it up with. Sad but true! ;)

    I hope your over the flu and feeling much better.

  3. “…. backed its ass up to the the fire hydrant, turned that sucker on, and aimed 800 gallons per minute directly at my face.”

    Ok, that is the BEST QUOTE EVER!” You’re a genius.

    I have all these things to say about my blogging habits, however my brain doesn’t want to sort them out right now, so you’ll get no helpful insights from me here. Hmm… perhaps this correlates to how I keep my blog. Yep – me thinks so.

    What keeps me going? The thought that someday I will have one of those fabulous, organized, productive lives that you mention above. Or that I continue to have some wonderful pals (like you) that I’ve met along the way.


  4. Ya know, I blog to keep my memory fresh..at first, it was really to keep the friends and family who I was leaving/going to apprised of my trip and the hilarity that ensues with a then 15 month old, and 2 cars on a cross country road trip. Now, it’s to remember the little things…NASCAR addictions, dumb little things, and for me to really kind of “work through” things in places. There are a lot of things I DON’T share, but there are a lot of things I do share. It also helps with the mental BLAH in my head. But, really, I’m glad you’re alive. Absolutely glad…and I know all about bad luck. Breathe, and blog when ya can!

  5. Still giggling at the fire hydrant vision…..I’ll have to share that when I feel that way.

    I started the blog originally so that my friends and family could keep up with us and the girls. It branched out when I noticed that I had a new “family” that was leaving me wonderful and inspiring comments. I began to “travel” and learn and make new friends and it became more about what I wanted to share or remember or ask. It is much more enjoyable than a journal (old-fashioned), but I do keep one of those also.

    A little “Radio Silence” is expected now and again. We’re glad that you are back, and I for one look forward to what comes out of the crock pot next.

  6. I’m glad Laura sent you the email – I’m sure more people than her were wondering if you were ok (me included though I’m too much of a lurker to email you myself!).

    Even if you don’t have a reason to blog, wanting to and enjoying doing it are reason enough to continue. Maybe the reason you do it will hit you a year from now, or maybe it never will. In such a technologically connected world, I think we get some sort of solace or feeling of community out of reading each other’s aimless blogs. And for the blogger, writing and posting about random parts of their lives and having people around the world read and comment is probably reaffirming as well :)

    Why do I blog? I honestly don’t know. I’m glad that I do though!

  7. I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with my friends. Since I have a habit of moving cross country every 20 minutes or so, I have buddies scattered all over the world.

    I only blog when I feel something interesting is happening. And sometimes I realize I totally missed blogging about something I should have… oops. Since I don’t have advertisers and this is purely a personal thing, I just let it happen.

    What’s interesting is going back and reading the old ones. There are car months, and yarn months, and photography months. Fun to see it shift. :)

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