Morgiana’s Manifesto Shop Shout Out

chocolate sea earrings1

Lovely “Chocolate Sea” earrings from the Morgiana’s Manifesto shop
Made with: Silver wire, Shell & Rainbow Jasper


Check it out – it’s a shop shout out to my good friend Kasia!  She’s opened her own etsy shop called Morgiana’s Manifesto and I’ve been meaning to give her some props here on the blog since she opened it back in September.  Her shop specializes in “handmade jewelry with a mystic twist”.  And if you visit, you’ll notice that most of the lovely earrings available have names referring to mythical or fairytale ladies of lore.  She sent me the darling pair of earrings pictured above over the summer as a nice surprise to go with my chocolate Lelah (which is still sadly, hibernating).  There are so many attractive varieties to suit every personality (or outfiit) in her shop.  Don’t you want to stop by for a peek?  Soon, she’ll be adding some lovely flower barrettes to the shop as well.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these (you can see a photo of her wearing one on her blog) because who doesn’t need a lovely flower in their hair to celebrate springtime?  Be sure to drop by for a visit and have fun deciding which one’s your favorite! 


5 thoughts on “Morgiana’s Manifesto Shop Shout Out

  1. Hey, I know those! Let’s be honest I made them having you in mind, I bought those pretty shells and jasper and then was sitting on my couch and had to think of our conversation about colours. That’s how “Chocolate Sea” was born. I’m very happy that you like them! I guess that they go with much more than only hibernating Lelah, since I know that pink and brown are you most favourite colours ;)
    Thank you Sweetie, you made the most lovely post ever and I’m more than greatful to you! You made my day!
    bug hugs!

  2. Aww you’re such a sweetie giving your friend a shout out like this :) Those earrings are so pretty! Of course, my first thought was “stitch markers with that stone would be so divine”. I’m hopeless hehe.

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