Swapses, Sockses & Secret Stitching

I decided something yesterday after spending an hour, half a box of baking soda, and all of my limited interest in housework trying to scrub the crap off of our stovetop:  Housework is for suckas.  Whatever possessed me to think scrubbing the stove would be a good idea?  I’ve got hobbies for cripe’s sake!  (Wait, drinking coffee and staring out the window is a hobby too, right?)  I’m interesting (o.k. crazy)!  I’m multi-faceted!   Housework will only atrophy my ability to create.  It’s downright harmful.  No one could possibly expect me to damage myself in such a manner as that, could they?  I thought not.  Oh lookee!  There’s still dishes in the sink.

So, let’s discuss more important things, shall we?  I joined another swap.  Wait – what?  I know.  I wasn’t going to do any swaps this year, but this one is special.  SaucyMinx found my LovePurl KAL and was inspired to create her own Guilty Pleasures/Good Karma Swap on Ravelry.  The swap is based on the idea that so many of us knitters feel a little guilt over buying ourselves the luxury yarns and/or treats that we desire, but yet it’s so much easier to treat a swap pal to something special that they covet.  Another condition of the swap is for everyone participating to knit at least one item for Warm Woolies during the swapping session.  Since Warm Woolies is something that is close to my heart, and since the swap was based off of my KAL (thank you SaucyMinx!  I’m honored!) I couldn’t help myself.  There’s no real knitting deadline for me since I’m already knitting for Warm Woolies, so I can handle just buying gifts for someone :)  I don’t know if there’s any room left but check it out!


hazel sock kit1

Mmmmmm……I could just eat this up!


And what is that adorable little thing up there?  It’s a Lacy Baby Sock Kit from Hazel Knits in the Peach Sanguine Colorway.  An old co-worker of mine just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and I think these are going to be the sweetest yummiest little baby socks ever.  Seriously going to have to consider buying some of this colorway for myself for a pair of big girl socks.


alisa start

Secrety Squirrel!


This is something I’ve been meaning to mention for quite a while because I’ve actually been working on it since February.  But as you know, February was kind of rough-ish for me so I kept missing my chance.  Anyhoo, I’m test knitting again!  It’s always hard for me to post about a test knit because I want to tell you everything and I can’t.  Plus, I am always worried I’ll say more than I’m supposed to or show you more than I’m allowed to.  But I think I’m safe with this photo.  My online pal Chrispy of Pursuit of Fiber has designed her first pattern.  Hooray for Chrispy!!  I’m very excited for her and very honored that she asked me to test knit it for her.  It’s so wonderful to be helping a fellow knitter and pal with their pattern production process.  The pattern is called Alisa and you can find it on Ravelry.  It won’t be released for sale (with a portion of the proceeds going to Ravelry) until the end of April, but that’s coming awfully soon!  I am just up to the armholes and with another couple days of knitting, should be close to finishing it for her.  I can’t wait to be able to show it to you once the pattern is released!  Until then, I’ll be stitching secretly and feverishly until I finish.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that your Monday is off to a great start!  Remember lousy housekeepers out there – if anyone starts to complain about your lack of interest in cleaning, be sure to loudly proclaim how stifling it is to your creativity (feel free to incorporate “suckas” if you like), and don’t they care about your needs? then sigh deeply for effect.  I don’t typically condone drama, but that should do the trick ;)


6 thoughts on “Swapses, Sockses & Secret Stitching

  1. I’m the original lousy housekeeper and I’ll keep your words in mind :-)

    Forgot to tell you; when I was at the Boston Flower Show recently, I was wearing the fingerless gloves and got so many great compliments on them!

  2. Great quote: “Housework will only atrophy my ability to create”. I LOVE THAT! If Jim ends up going back to work, I’ll be saying that as my mantra as we’ll be sharing the housework more equally then.

  3. Love the yarn for baby socks and the yarn you got! So lovely! Holy crap, I again missed a swap, right? My fault, didn’t have time to check Love Purl recently… I’m such a bugger…
    I’m terribly sorry for no email lately, but the last few days have been out of hell and Easter turned to be as stressy as it seemed. I ended up with a horrible pain in my bloody chest last night and it was a sign for me to sloooow down… So tomorrow I will write you a long email telling the whole story… bugger’s word ;)
    bug hugs

  4. I am still snickering over the atrophy my ability to create line. It is the perfect line. Thank you so much for coining it.

    I have to get the needles busy with baby gifts too, so that sock kit might be just the ticket. I will have to check it out.

    Catching up from Spring Break and the vacation recovery week…..will write more later!

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