The Best Day Evah And Ravelry Is Amazing (But You Already Knew That)

Back at the end of January I wrote a post titled “The Bumper Sticker And The Curious”.  I don’t know how many of you read it, but basically it’s a story about the place I work and an interesting bumper sticker I saw on the way home one night.  Well imagine my surprise one day several weeks ago when I got a message in my Ravelry box telling me that the mysterious UPS driver that I’d seen that night and speculated about, was a real live knitting & spinning fellow from my very own town!  Turns out he is the nicest guy ever and we’ve been chatting back and forth for the last couple weeks.  I feel like the star in my own Craigslist Missed Connections story!  It’s awesome.  Isn’t Ravelry the most amazing thing ever?  Seriously.  What did I ever do before Ravelry?

So Troy and I had plans to meet last Saturday and Mother Nature decided that just wasn’t happenin’ as I woke up to what seemed near blizzard conditions.  We chatted on the phone and made plans for another weekend to meet for coffee.  He mysteriously mentioned that he’d picked something up for me on his weekend trip to San Francisco recently and as well had pulled a few things out of his stash for me.  Secrety surprises!  Who doesn’t love those?

Yesterday morning arrived, a normal run-of-the-mill Thursday.  I’d just arrived at work, hung up my coat and put my lunch in the fridge, when in walked one of the UPS guys (our neighboring business) with several packages.  I signed and picked up one packaged in a Sephora box, thinking, Hmmmm we usually don’t get samples in boxes like this.



Wha?  Wait, this package has my name on it!  Maryanne/Knittymuggins.  Hey, I didn’t order anything!  Who knows that I work here?  Then I read the return address.  Gears still trying to turn over (haven’t had enough coffee yet at this point).  Wait!  I know who this is from!!  Squeeeeee!!!  You should have seen me tearing into this box.  I’m sure Miami (my co-worker) was laughing his ass off over me getting so excited over my surprise package.

Inside I found a very sweet note and these lovely goodies:


 An Offhand Designs Needle Clutch - I have so been needing one of these and it\'s simply gorgeous!

An Offhand Designs Needle Clutch – I have so been needing one of these and it’s simply gorgeous!


5 skeins of Spincycle-y bluefaced leicester goodness!


Several skeins of more Spincycle-y goodness in Kimono


What a truly lovely way to start one’s day!  Thank you so much Troy, for everything, I’m so sincerely touched by your generosity and I hope to be able to make it up to you someday soon :)  Can’t wait to meet you in person and may all the good karma you sow come back to you ten thousand fold!  I am once again, speechless with undeservingness.  Thanks so much for making my day!

Hope everyone had a great week and that you all have an even better weekend ahead of you!  Happy knitting!


11 thoughts on “The Best Day Evah And Ravelry Is Amazing (But You Already Knew That)

  1. Very cool. Secret squirrel packages arriving at work and not from your husband. Now I hope R darling does not get jealous of this knitting man. ;)

    I hope you have a great meet-up. Be brave take your knitting. Knit in Public.

  2. The baffling bumper sticker mystery is solved! It’s a delightful story! Your surprise package of beautiful knitterly treats – awwww :) What a thoroughly thoughtful person! I’m of the opinion you deserve all manner of nice things :)

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