Oh Dear.

To all good things must come an end,
At least I’ve heard ’tis true,
And so
MagKnits, our patterned friend,
we bid farewell to you… *


Oh dear. No more MagKnits. I understand why they would want to pull the plug, but it’s so sad that they weren’t able to do it less abruptly. So many beautiful patterns lost forever in the pixelated universe of the intraweb, perhaps never to be seen again. Sad for me, but even more sad for the designers. I hope that they will be able to recover what they’ve worked so hard to publish and maybe someday (I hope!) their work will be available on Ravelry. I know my Favorites list will never be the same.  ~Sigh~  Just goes to show you that when you find a pattern you love, you shouldn’t wait – knit it now, print it now, download it now, or you might find yourself adrift without that beautiful new project bliss. Some things on the internet, it seems, are just not made to endure. 

But this pattern, The February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann, it does endure. You see its incarnations everywhere. And here, finally, is my very own to share with you……





Pattern: February Baby Sweater (Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Best Baby Sweater) by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Vogue Knitting: American Collection

Yarn: Valley Yarns’ Longmeadow; Approximately 2.25 skeins in Seafoam

Needles: Size 6 bamboo circs for body and Size 6 Susan Bates dpn’s for sleeves

Mods: Worked the sleeves in the round, and omitted the decreases at the bottom edge, but other than that knit this one pretty much to pattern.

New Techniques:  First time using a provisional cast on (for the sleeves).  Worked pretty well and wasn’t nearly as scary as I’d thought it might be.

Comments: I think this pattern would probably be pretty frustrating for a true beginning knitter.  Not that the techniques are especially difficult, but because EZ tends to present it as a “recipe” rather than a pattern.  This is my first EZ pattern, but I do hear this is typical for her and though that’s lovely after you’ve been knitting for a while, I think I would have been really unlikely to finish this sweater if this was the very first garment I ever attempted.  I’m pretty happy with the results, though I dropped quite a few stitches under one arm when removing them from the provisional cast on.  So, I know there’s errors under there even if the recipient may never notice them :(  I don’t like that feeling, but there was no way to make it “perfect” without ripping out the whole garment and since it’s already 6 months too late, I needed to get it finished and make it snappy.  I’m not sure I’d want to work the sleeves in the round again – it was nice from a finishing aspect, but I don’t know if it turned out as nicely as it could have if I’d knit them and then seamed them.  Who knows.  I’m so done with this though! 


* Crappy poetry courtesy of knittymuggins.  Please do not copy said crappy poetry.  Not like you’d want to, but you know, just in case.  Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Oh Dear.

  1. That’s so cute! I totally understand what you mean about the pattern. I’ve read it quickly a few weeks ago, and my first reaction was that I’d need to sit down and read it much more carefully than that if I was to knit it… which I will at some point: I really loved all the finished February Baby Sweaters I’ve seen so far!
    You’re right about Magknits: I understand why they have to stop publishing it, but I wish I had known before the whole thing disappeared so that I could have printed a few things… I hope the designers will make their patterns available again somewhere.

  2. Oh all the stuff I want to knit! Jaywalker!!! Sniff Sniff… It’s sad that they couldn’t continue but they have to do what make sense for them.

    Cute sweater :)

  3. When did Magknits go down?
    That’s sooo sad.

    I should go thru my bookmarks and see if I’ve lost anything I wanted to save! Oh well.

    Great baby sweater! Now to make a baby to fit into it!

  4. I think it sucks b/c there’s patterns I don’t even remember I wanted to knit….. all gone! Jaywalker is one, but I think I have it printed somewhere. But I can’t remember others! The not knowing is killing me! ;) Cute little sweater!

  5. Adorable sweater Maryanne! I haven’t done any of EZ’s patterns myself. I didn’t care for her format. But I guess I might be the only one because so many like her and I feel like the odd girl out!

    As for MagKnits I was a bit disappointed that they pulled out too. There were two or three patterns that I really liked that I bookmarked, but no more! :( If you go onto Ravelry check out the Patterns (I think it is) forum. They are trying to get all the designers to bring their work there, so maybe we’ll have access to the patterns a bit sooner!

  6. I am SERIOUSLY impressed with this knit. This is beautiful!!!! Did it take you a long time? I’ve been wanting to make this one and I think yours may just be the inspiration I’ve been looking for. Great job.

    P.S. Magknits..boo hoo. I should’ve saved more of their patterns. :(

  7. I know, I just heard about the MagKnits saga and shutdown. Stefanie Japel posted her three patterns from there on her site though.

    That baby sweater is super cute! Nice work!

  8. OH NO! Sorry, I found your blog through googling after I saw Magknits had gone down. I was partway through the ‘Holly’ jumper but had LOST THE PRINT OUT of the pattern last week on holiday – I guess that means I’m going to have to unravel my hours of work now….

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