Vegas Baby.

I woke up this morning to find a rather ominous note on my table……



NOOOOooooooo…… Not Poddy! 

So of course I had to bring along the Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn brandishing the dangerous dpn’s at me.  You didn’t really think I’d take a trip without bringing any yarn did you?  Me neither ;)

Well Bloggy Peeps, we are off to Vegas this morning and won’t be back until we’re fully rested, relaxed and pampered.  Hope you all have the most fantastic week ever and I’ll be back in Blogtown soon!  Take care!


14 thoughts on “Vegas Baby.

  1. Well with a threat like that, you have to take it seriously. The yarn must be packed. Besides, what on earth would you do while sunning yourself by the pool if not knit?!

  2. Good old sock yarn. I’m glad it’s subtle hint worked and you’re taking some knitting. Your trip is assured to be a success now! Hope the slots do you right and you have success in the winning dept as well! Have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you get back.

  3. Ooooh nice short vacation. Hope you win lots of money. Speaking of iPods. Scout dipped mine in a cup of tea this morning. The thing is fried! I’m hoping and praying if I take it to the Apple store that they can do something to revive him. I soooo don’t want to spend another $250 on another one. But I NEED it!

  4. Hey Sweetie, I missed that one :( Thank you for your sweet email today. Will anwser you tomorrow, ok? I blogged about the whole mess, very gently but I needed it so badly…

  5. You must have been in Vegas for some of the time when I was there. I arrived on 4/13 and left on 4/16. I like Vegas, but I’m always happy to leave after 3 nights!

  6. Hehehehe. I don’t think I could ever leave home without taking some knitting with me. My yarn wouldn’t even have to threaten me.

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