The Letdown

A happy day at Red Rock Canyon - April 17, 2008

At Red Rock Canyon – April 17, 2008


At some point in nearly every vacation, you find yourself missing something from home.  Maybe it’s your pets, the intraweb, your garden, or your marshmallow bed.  At any rate, you find yourself longing for home and everything you encounter on a daily basis that your vacation just isn’t the same without.  So you hop on that plane, or motorcycle, or get in the car and you think you’re ready for all that awaits you.  And when you arrive you hug the dogs, say hello to the garden and stretch out on your marshmallow bed.  Life is good. 

But soon you notice the inch of dust on the end table, the dishes in the sink, the prospect of unpacking and cooking and all that real life stuff that suddenly seems much less appealing than it did on board the plane coming home.  The thought of work rears its ugly head.  You long instead for that warm desert sun, hours of unplanned relaxation with no place to be and nothing to worry about. 

Ah, I’ve got the post-vacation blues.

So today, I am unpacking, doing my laundry and easing back into the skin of my “normal” life.  But I’ll be back soon with photos from our trip.  I hope that all of you had a fantastic week while we were away and that your week is off to a great start!  Happy Monday! 


8 thoughts on “The Letdown

  1. I know how you feel. Once you come home you are ready to hit the road and go back. I always feel that void when I leave Chicago.

  2. Nice picture of the two of you! Vacation letdown is no fun. Hopefully it passes soon. Think about all the positives about being home – this is what I try to do.

  3. Looking forward to pictures! We are still getting stuff back in the attic from Christmas. We have to hustle now before graduation company comes…..yuk

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