An Ugh & An Awww…

The Good:


Lacy Baby Sock from Hazel Knits


Pattern: Lacy Baby Socks (on Ravelry here) from Hazel Knits

Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Sanguine Peach (purchased as a kit with pattern)

Needles: Size 2 bamboo dpn’s

Mods: Zip.Zero.Nada.

Comments: I love love love these darling little things.  The hardest part is believing that they will actually fit a human child – they are so insanely tiny! The pattern was simple and yet not so boring as to make knitting them completely zombie-licious.  I am now frantically scrabbling through my stash looking for all my sock yarn leftovers so I can make more.  Good thing every woman I know within a 400 mile radius drank the same kool-aid, guaranteeing me tons of munchkins to make these for!




And, the Not-So-Good:


Love Your Lobes Helmoot Flaps


Pattern: Bike Helmet Ear Warmers (on Ravelry here) from Amy O’Neill Houck

Yarn: Just under 3/4 of a ball Valley Yarns’ Berkshire Worsted in Light Blue #24 & a few yards of Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Lotus Pink #M-38 (all from stash ~ boo-yah!)

Needles: Size 8 bamboo straights

Mods: Just the addition of the heart motif in duplicate stitch added before seaming

New Techniques:  First time doing a duplicate stitch motif on a knit item

Comments: I am entirely miserable that these turned out to be an “ugh”.  Actually, I adore them to pieces, so they’re not truly uggers.  It’s just that they don’t actually fit my helmet.  Yeah.  Suck.  The first and only time that I’ve actually needed a knit item and I can’t use it :(  Turns out my new-ish bike helmoot just doesn’t have the right dimensions for these little guys (there’s two – one for each lobe).  Sooooooo, now I’m trying to decide what to do with them.  A pair of cavegirl crotchless panties?  Hmmm.  That would just be itchy and wrong.  A tuque for my water bottle?  Nah.  They’ll most likely be frogged and repurposed for Warm Woolies socks.  Oh well.  It was worth a shot.  Everyone’s entitled to an ugh now and then, no?




By the ways:  Chrispy over at Pursuit of Fiber is having a birthday contest!  Go check out her bloggy, wish her a happy belated birthday, and enter to win some lovely fibery prizes!


8 thoughts on “An Ugh & An Awww…

  1. Wowza thanks for the lil sock pattern, what a treasure. That Wendee!! Also, after looking at your ‘ugh’ pattern and rereading your post several times, I can’t even figure out what this us supposed to be, it looks like a wool funnel!

  2. Hmmm, Cavewoman panties have some possibilities…make some i-cord and attach it to the sides and to the crotch for Cavewoman Thong! Could be fun…

  3. eeewww… I’m still cringing over cavewoman thongs…

    What about having a contest so someone whose helmet they might fit better could have them? This is not at all self-serving – I don’t even own a bike that fits me, let alone a helmet! Ha!

  4. I love them both!! I might have to make those socks for the news cousin!!

    I’m so sorry the ear warmers didn’t work out, they’re too cute! I think you should go out and buy a new helmet just to fit these!! LOL

    But then again I agree with Jess’ suggestion, ’cause I do have a bike helmet I think they would fit! Just kidding, I’ll check the pattern and my helmet and make a set for me and hubby (our helmets are the same, just different colors).

    Do you think you might be willing to give up a hint or two about incorporating the heart motif? A skull would be really cool for the guys!!

  5. Oh–that’s too bad that the ear warmers don’t fit!! I absolutely adore your version with the hearts, so cute. Could you re-seam them so they fit better? Or are your helmet straps just unusually shaped?

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