Oh man.  I got so totally knitstoned last weekend.  It was awesome.  And the best part?  No hangover. 

It’s been a while since I was so wrapped up in a project that I could barely put it down long enough to eat or go to the bathroom.  Who needs food or a healthy bladder?  But there was something about this pattern that really got me zoned out on the knitty love.  I have been meaning to make R. Darling a little knitty sumpin-sumpin for nearly as long as I’ve known how to knit (o.k. it’s only been a couple years, but it feels like fo-evah, and seriously, that’s a long time for a dude to wait for his knitty sumpin-sumpin).  In fact I’ve had this yarn and pattern for a good year and a half at least, and I’ve never felt the urge to get it goin’ until this past weekend.  I don’t know what it was, maybe the fact that I have “rearranged” some stuff recently i.e., stuffed things haphazardly into the office that were once in the guest room so my SIL could stay the night a few weeks ago, but every time I turn around in my chair that one lone ball of Noro Kureyon has been staring me down just daring me to bust him out.  Come on.  Let’s do something.  You never take me anywhere, he pouts.  Finally I just couldn’t take the constant wheedling anymore.  O.k. O.k.  But just for a few minutes.  Which turned into a few hours which turned into Must.Not.Stop.Knitting.  Totally knitstoned.  Blame it on that Noro.  He’s a bad influence.  

R. Darling\'s Fake-Isle Hat

R. Darling\'s Fake-Isle Hat - Side view


 Pattern: Fake Isle Hat (on Ravelry here) from Amy King

Yarn: 1 ball Noro Kureyon Color #149, approximately 1/2 skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted in #M-05 Onyx

Needles: Size 6 Crystal Palace bamboo 16″ circular 

Mods: Zip.Zero.Nada.

New Techniques: Nope.  Although I am still definitely perfecting the 2-color strandwork

Time Lapse:  May 17, 2008 – May 18, 2008

Comments: I love love love this pattern!  It was so gratifying and addicting to watch the pattern and hat grow and I have enough of the Lamb’s Pride left to make one for me too (in girly colors of course!).  Woot!  The best part is knowing that I finally made R. Darling his hat and he seems to love it as much as I do and told me quite plainly when I tried it on, that it was “HIS” hat.  Possesiveness is the purest form of knitting gratitude!  The only damper on my joy about this hat is that I pulled the floats a bit too tight towards the top of the crown and it puckered a little bit (somewhat evident in the second picture up there where it looks like R. Darling has a pointy little noggin).  I know this will get better the more I practice, but it still bugs me a bit.  Otherwise, this is a bona-fide kick-ass FO! 


Fake Isle Crown Close-up



In other oddness, I burned my right browbone with my curling iron on Tuesday (yes, I’m an uncoordinated dumbass who hasn’t had bangs, or curled them, since pretty much ever and I can’t be trusted with something that hot that close to my face – it was only a matter of time).  So I’ve been walking around work with this huge burning blister on my face and not one of the guys has done more than glance at it sideways.  I was dying for one of them to say something because for once I had a good comeback.  I was going to say: “Dude you know the first rule.  You do not talk about Fight Club.”


11 thoughts on “Knitstoned

  1. LOVE the hat. Adam has been asking for one, so I may have to try out that pattern! We’re home now and seem to be doing well. I think it’s going to be an early night for both of us.

  2. The hat looks GREAT…..very manly! It’s funny you mention the ‘fight club’ thing, I actually used that exact line last week when someone asked me about the black eye I was sporting. The Boy freaked in the store and his foot and my eye had a moment!

  3. Love the hat!! I’m glad to hear hubby does too. I had to remember to keep the floats loose too, but it’s really rough! I’m still perfecting the 2 strand technique.

  4. Okay first of all I absolutely love that you quoted fight club. Second..that hat is astonishing!!! You are the Tyler Durden of knitting!.

  5. Looks great Maryanne! And I’m loving the term, “knitstoned”. Something you would like to share Maryanne? :P

  6. Isn’t it fun when a project comes together so fast and so perfectly? You’ve found the best use for that lone ball of Noro, the hat looks great!

  7. LOL on the “knitstoned” term – must add that one to the lexicon! That is a very manly hat and Rodger looks very good in it! I especially like the first picture!

  8. That Noro was a decidedly good influence on you! That is sweet that you knit something for R. Darling. It looks great! Next he might need a sweater to wear with it for Winter?…and perhaps some knitting lessons ;)

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