Hunting For Sasquatch

Map of the Canadian Gulf Islands

The Canadian Gulf Islands
(map courtesty of this site)


Maybe you have already heard that Bushnell and Field & Stream are offering 1 meelyon dollars for a photo or video of Sasquatch doin’ his thang in the woods.  Or maybe you haven’t.  But supposedly they are.  Good thing I’m leaving Saturday morning for a week in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  What better place to look for Sas than in the tangled woods of the Canadian outback?  I’m sure there’s plenty of hairy naked dudes hanging out there already.  He’d blend right in.

Actually, I’m hoping to find a lot more than Sas while we’re away.  Recently I seem to have lost complete interest in blogging, knitting, and pretty much anything creative.  I’m sure that much seems obvious.  I feel tapped out, though I suppose it’s easy to dry up your well if there wasn’t much of a spring in it to begin with.  Murky puddles can only sustain you for so long.  Perhaps some time away from my bloggy, and my usual surroundings (but not my knitting; never that!) will revive me.  Either that, or I’ll find me a Sas, snap that winning photo, and spend the rest of my days drinking margaritas, barefoot, in a pool filled with yarn.  Personally, I’m sorta leaning towards that pool filled with yarn bit.

So while I’m on hiatus, take good care of yourselves Bloggy Peeps and I’ll look for you on the knitrawebs when I get back.  Thanks for sticking with this lackluster girl through her bloggy slump and I hope to have some good pics and stories when I get back.


Hasta la knitsta everyone! 


11 thoughts on “Hunting For Sasquatch

  1. Take care, and get your knitting mojo back! It’s easy to let the rest of you life and the stresses that come with compound on top of you. *hugs*

  2. I hope you find a friendly Sas but I hope you will not have to knit socks for him! I’m sorry your creative interests have waned but I’m sure they will be revived…maybe in other forms than before :)

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