Back On Terra Firma

Knittymuggins Knitting in the Gulf Islands

A rare moment of knitting during our vacation


Greetings Bloggy Peeps!  I am back home and back on solid ground again (though it still feels anything but solid; I’m wobbling around like a drunken sailor because the ground still feels wavy from spending a week on the boat).  Unfortunately, we’ve descended from vacation into a maelstrom of rather un-fun activities around Chez Funkytown, so filling you in on all the groovy details of our vacation will have to wait.  I’m just out of time right now.  But soon, I promise.  And because no trip would be complete without a few souvenirs, guess what I brought home with me: one half of a bottle of red wine (I’m really only a pretend drinker), a box of salt scrub, one head of greasy hair (only one shower in 6 days – yikes!!), a pile of stinky damp clothes, four extra unwanted pounds, a ton of photos and some really fantastic memories.   It’s all good. 

Hope you’ve all been well and I hope to catch up with each of you soon!  Stay tuned for trip pics later on….


5 thoughts on “Back On Terra Firma

  1. It’s too bad you had to come back home to non-fun stuff, but hopefully you came back fully energised and ready to tackle whatever life threw your way. Good luck, and I hope things will get better soon.

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