On Knitting Socks

Knit a Jaywalker: It’ll make ya feel betta!


I am the world’s pokiest sock knitter.  This is not for lack of love, because I truly adore the idea of knitting socks.  My stash is replete with sock yarns in divine permutations and I am ever vigilantly trawling for more (yes, I have a problem; let’s not go there).  My queue and faves list in Ravelry is positively teeming with sock patterns.  Toe-up, cuff down, lace, cables, I heart them all.  I daydream of socks in glorious colors and exquisite patterns. 

But the execution, well, it has its own plans for me.  Maybe it’s related to the fact that I’m knitting with the equivalent of some toothpicks and dental floss that has me uptight.  Or maybe it’s the ever present horror of dropping one teensy stitch and having it gleefully setting free all its friends as it rides down the side of my sock, unraveling hours of painstaking work.  Whatever the case, I stitch deliberately and slowly when knitting socks.  I find tension creeping into my neck, and my hands moving steadily closer and closer to my face as I squint to make the stitches.  One sock always turns out smaller than the other even when knit exactly the same.  And it’s always the second sock.  You’d think by the second sock I would have worked through the tough spots and been able to breeze on through.  But no.  Somehow the second sock always reflects more tension than the first.

So how to enjoy knitting my beloved socks?  Accept my inner pokiness and just knit socks anyway I suppose.  It’s always winter somewhere.  A pair of socks finished in days is just as useful and lovely as a pair finished in months.  Maybe it’s just a bit like life – it’s all about finding ways to enjoy the ride.


11 thoughts on “On Knitting Socks

  1. Ooh! What pretty colors!! I have yet to make an adult sock, but I now have 2 skeins/hanks/balls/whatever of sock yarn, just waiting for me to be a Fearless Knitter and do it already!

  2. Those socks look fantastic!!! I love the colors.

    I have yet to give Jaywalker a shot, maybe because that anarchist/non conformist part of me says, “It’s too popular.” But I do want to try them someday.

    Though, I better get myself making another pair of house socks, because I wear the pair you made for me in that sock swap almost every day! :-)

  3. I LOVE those colors!
    i refuse to wear socks in the summer (and i’m not too big on shoes either), so i think it’s particularly OK to be a slow sock knitter this time of year–why rush to finish up some socks you won’t actually wear for months? of course, maybe if i had some comfy handknit socks, i wouldn’t be so disdainful of summer sock wearing . . .

  4. Oh I wish I was brave enough to attempt socks. I’m not even going to bother though because I know myself and would end up with a drawer of odd socks that had no mates. I’m always impressed by sock knitters. Your lone sock is beautiful. You know I love me some chevrons!!

  5. I enjoyed this post. The colors of your Jaywalkers are luscious. I’ve yet to knit my first socks, but am preparing nonetheless. I’ve been queuing sock patterns for months, and slowly accumulating sock yarn…..a future addiction is inevitable. =)

  6. Love the colors!

    I have yet to knit socks….well, I have knit one and hated the yarn. That doesn’t count! I dread the ‘toothpicks and floss’ aspect of sock knitting.

    Slow and steady, I say!

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