There And Back Again

Safeco Field – Home of the Seattle Mariners


Where did the weekend go?  Ours was spent mostly in the car, with a slight detour for some baseball, terrible stadium food, and a helluva lot of running (for one of us anyway).  I don’t know how you city people do it, waiting in traffic, bumper to bumper, day in and day out.  What should have been a quick 2 hour trip from our house to Safeco field on Friday, turned into a 4.5 hour odyssey of clinging to the last remaining threads of our sanity and trying our best not to get into a collision.  By the time we reached Safeco field, 1/2 hour before game time, all thoughts of eating at the Spaghetti Factory were out the window and R. Darling was fuming.  If cartoon steam could have poured out of his ears, it totally would have.  I felt awful for him, but what could we do?  So we did what you do when you go to a ballgame:  we ate garbage and cheered for the home team.


R. Darling carb loading at the stadium


All smiles now that the beer is flowing


We stayed through the 7th inning and the Mariners were up 8 to 1, which doesn’t happen too often.  After driving an hour to Gig Harbor, we checked into our hotel and tried to get some sleep before our unreasonably cruel 5:15 AM wake up call.  One horrible “night’s” sleep later, we were on our way to the Crescent Forest Marathon. I think R. Darling was excited even though his stomach was busy rejecting the stadium food from the night before.  After he was on his way (you can read his account of the race here if you’re interested) I headed back to the hotel with a coffee and some cartoons and knitting of course.

R. Darling had thoughtfully supplied me with directions to the Yarn Garden, a knitting shop in Gig Harbor, and I almost didn’t give myself enough time to check it out.  I had planned to drive back to the race site to get R. Darling after 4 hours and between packing up all our stuff, and checking out, plus navigating the crowds that had developed over the last 2 hours in response to the art fair going on, I was cutting it close. But I figured, what the hell.  Might as well have a look.  It was a sweet little shop and when I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly lady who I fell to chatting with (highly unusual for me – I’m terrible at chit chat).  I told her what R. Darling was up to and she mentioned that she was training for a sprint triathlon to celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday.  It was interesting, discussing with another knitter, the challenges of training for such a serious event, as well as supporting someone who is training for something major.  I spoke of the cost in terms of time, money, travel, and commitment for all the parties involved, and she mentioned what she called the “opportunity cost”.  She explained this as the opportunities that she finds she misses out on when preparing for something this monumental: not enough time to knit, not enough time to spend with family.  She misses out on so many things because she has something else she is beholden to.  I find myself paying this cost at times myself, and I’m not even the one in training.  But she also said she was viewing this time as a “season” in her life.  Something she won’t be doing forever, but something that describes her life for right now. 

I felt myself identifying with her completely.  And that, of course, makes me a sucker.  Because even though I went into that shop without any intention of buying anything, I ended up with 2 baby sweater patterns and 4 balls of yarn to make one of said baby sweaters.  I didn’t notice until later that the yarn is 100% wool and would make a terrible gift for the non-knitter it was intended for.  She’d have no idea how to wash the dumb thing.  Oh well.  I’ll find a use for it someday.  It was worth the memory and the insight.


Can you say sucker?


So I guess the way to come in 17th out of 49 when you run your marathon, and feel “really good” afterwards, is to have crappy $26 pizza and beer the night beforehand at a baseball stadium.  R. Darling finished his marathon and enjoyed every second of it it seems.  Go honey!!  I’m so proud of you :)  We’re now counting down 3 weeks to the next one.  Yikes.  



BTW:  Sorry for the crappy ass pictures up there, but dodo bird here forgot her camera in the car and had to resort to using the camera phone for all but the yarn photo.  When will I learn?! 


2 thoughts on “There And Back Again

  1. I like the last picture where you guys are all smiles! I’m a big believer in opportunity cost. Life is too short not to do what you want!

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