Warm Woolies Wednesday

What’s that?  I’m actually posting on a Wednesday?  What the craps? 

No, things haven’t slowed down very much, but I did manage to leave work somewhat on time today and it’s amazing how optimistic that can make you feel!  I even came home and worked out!  I know, I know, I don’t know how I let myself get all crazy like that.  Working out?  What is up?  I realize that’s taking things a bit far.  But when the mood strikes, I go with it.

Anyway, today will be short and sweet.  Dinner is needing to be cooked and some attention needs to be paid to Mr. Darling too.  Here is the Warm Woolies 411 for the past week (and it’s none too good really, but I do what I can….)…


Warm Woolies Items #27 & #28 - All Finished!!

Warm Woolies Items #27 & #28 - All Finished!!


Warm Woolies Item #29 - In Progress

Warm Woolies Item #29 - In Progress


I wish there were more, but it’s been a long ass week since I last posted about this project.  Too much to do, and too little time to do it in.  Because I love me my sleep way too much to sacrifice a single second of it.  If it can’t be done before bedtime, it will just have to wait.  Hey, I just had a thought (crazy, I know!) –  If I’m getting that much beauty sleep, how come it’s not working?  Where’s the magic, man?  My eyes still look all wrinkly and baggy when I wake up and I notice those greys didn’t exactly disappear overnight with a big ol’ sparkly *poof* of pixie dust either. 

Speaking of clocky issues, I did time myself a few weeks ago (out of distinct curiosity, rather than necessity) and I calculated that it takes me about 2 hours to complete one pair of smallish sized Warm Woolies socks.  I wish it were faster, because I’ve got a lot of lost ground to cover if I’m going to make 100, but I guess that’s not so bad over all.

By the ways….  I got my copy of Vogue Knitting in the mail today.  Can I just say that I will totally be knitting myself a pair of mittens as soon as I can afford yarn again?  Lovely!


Happy Hump Day!


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