Silence Of The Blogworthy FO’s

I think we all know I’m not anything close to perfect.  I’m quirky and more than a little bit of a dork, and I’ve got bad habits.  I drink too much coffee.  I don’t take my vitamins.  I eat too much candy, drink too much coke, and don’t exercise enough.  I spend too much money, and I hoard (but it’s too nice to use!).  I laugh too hard at my own jokes, sometimes even before the punchline gets delivered.  I say I’m sorry even when something isn’t my fault; I’m mean to myself.  At one time I pulled grey hairs the second they stood up and waved haughtily at me from the dark depths of my hair.  But this came to a screeching halt one morning when, tweezers poised above the offending pale strand, I asked R. Darling if he would still love me if I was completely grey.  “Of course,” he replied, “but I won’t love you if you’re bald.”  You never saw a pair of tweezers drop so fast in your life.

But with the arrival of Ravelry, a new bad habit has entered my rhapsody of odd behaviors: Silence of the Blogworthy FO’s.  I’ve been working on a lot of small projects lately and for some reason, all I care about is logging them into my Ravelry notebook and promptly forgetting them.  The pics are there, the details of the yarn and pattern and what I liked or didn’t like, I just can’t seem to remember to blog about them.  It seems enough that they’re recorded in Ravelry.  But why do I do this?  No idea.  It’s not like I have tons of things to blog about.  I should be blogging about FO’s more than anything.  I should be proud and want to share.  And my WIP’s have been getting the same stiff arm treatment.  So what gives?  It’s truly a mystery why I do the things I do.  Maybe it’s time to break the cycle.



Pattern: The Perfect Baby Bib (on Ravelry here)

Yarn: Approximately 50-75 yds (0.5 balls) Lily Sugar’n Cream in Swimming Pool & Lily Confectionary Colors in Marshmallow for 12 month size

Needles: Size 7 addi turbo 16″ circular, size 9 dpns, size 7 bamboo straights 

Mods: Zip. Zero. Nada.

New Techniques: Nope.

Time Lapse:  About 1-3 days each (they’re quick!)

Comments: These bibs came out pretty darn cute. The pattern was easy and I could see myself making a ton of these if I ever have a munchkin myself ;) Next time I’ll add a design to the center panel. But these are for my SIL who I don’t know very well so I didn’t want to make them too crazy in case she isn’t down with the design action.





 Pattern: Grassy by Larissa Brown (on Ravelry here)
Yarn: Approximately 0.5 balls Cascade Sierra in Lime – #48
Needles: Size 6 Crystal Palace bamboo 16″ circular 

Mods: Zip. Zero. Nada.

New Techniques: Nope.  But this is totally my first cowl ever.

Time Lapse:  June 27, 2008 – June 29, 2008

Comments: I love this pattern! I wasn’t sure about knitting it in a cotton blend, but I’m really happy with how the stitch definition worked out. It’s slightly floppy but I think that’s o.k. in a cowl. The recipient lives somewhere very warm so I thought something non-wool might be a little more practical, and might come in handy during whatever kind of winter warm clime folks get.  The coolest part about this FO is that the designer asked to use my photo on her pattern page!  I get all melty when someone likes my photos!  And I actually took this one myself too, which makes it even better ;)  I think I may be hooked on cowls now…….




So, what about the WIP’s?



I’ve been working on this.  But like any victim of bad knitty behaviors, I haven’t touched it in over a week…..


So how about you?  Do you have any bad Ravelry habits?


9 thoughts on “Silence Of The Blogworthy FO’s

  1. Lately I’ve been so busy with the wedding I haven’t blog about anything. So far I’ve been good, but I seem to do a lot of linking to Ravelry instead of their original home, which isn’t that great becsause not all my readers are on Ravelry.

    To make you feel a tiny bit better, I have a friend who gave up her blog because of Ravelry!!! She just stopped blogging and told the world she isn’t going to anymore because of Ravelry – and that was when there are over 10k of people on the waiting list! Needless to say I was sad about it, then she moved away…

  2. That is a great picture with the cowl! I see why they wanted to use it. My bad Ravelry habbit is going on there when I should totally be working, but it’s so addictive, that I can’t stop!

  3. Oh gosh, let’s not get started on my bad habits. I’ve got the exact same list as you (scary huh?) plus I tend to obsessively check the forums to see if anyone has answered my comments.

  4. Hey Sweetie! Thanks for your comment! I’m so so so sorry for being dead-for-blogging-and-living for so long! I’m just such a mess that I figured that it’s better not to bring other people down with me… and after your last email I thought that I can’t throw more of my crap in your direction anymore since you were down… trying to deal with all of that myself… not doing the best job ever…
    I miss you as well bunches and it’s been a week since I wanted to write you sth, but then always somehow got disturbed.. Don’t be silly Babe, you know that I adore you and that I could never ever hate you! Since I’m insomniac again, I’m very often online around my 1-2am, that would make round 5pmish at yours, right? So whenever you fancy come and chat :D
    Love your new FOs! So cute and R.Darling is improving with taking adorable pics! Miss you oceans!
    bug hugs

  5. If I tweezed every gray hair I had, I would definitely be bald!! It may be time for a little visit to the salon – I’ve had to color my grays for almost ten years now, so you’re lucky not to have needed to!

    I love that cowl and the very artistic picture of it! You seem like you’re coming back to the land of the living after your time of stress.

    As for my bad habits, I have a few. One is the same disease you’ve had lately – “Silence of the Blogworthy FOs” – great phrase, by the way. Another is letting projects languish unfinished for awhile, but I’m working on that.

  6. I loved your cowl when I happened upon it on Ravelry. The color is great, and I’m thinking of making one!

    We shall not speak of gray hair, agreed?

    My bad habits,and there are plenty of them, revolve around me doing nothing when things need to be done.

  7. I have not read any blogs all week because I have been busily doing stuff on ravelry. I forget to blog until almost midnight.

    Yup I think that accounts for my bad ravelry habits.

    Now off to knit and hope the madness stops. Hmmmm…. I really need to wind my Ravelympics yarn but I don’t feel like it. My SKC is calling me more.

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