As a knitter, there are things that I never bother to explain to my non-knitting husband.  Stuff that I assume  he will never need or even want to know about the little microcosm of fiber that has invaded every spare inch of my swiss cheesy brain.  Like why exactly I need five different size 7 needles, what a provisional cast-on is, the difference between worsted and dk weight yarns. You know – all that stuff that we fiber folk are constantly turning over in our minds. 

So imagine my surprise when, not 20 minutes ago, he starts to read me a post from one of his kayaking forums.  In the post, someone was explaining how they were writing an article for a magazine and a certain word, clapotis, was giving him a particularly bad time in spell check as the preferred substitution was a word which – um – describes a certain part of the female anatomy that sounds a little like Dolores (remember that Seinfeld episode?).  Oh you mean “Clapotis?” I say all smarty like.  Do you know everything? he asks, both astonished and slightly suspicious.  That happens to be a rather famous knitting pattern, not that I’d expect you to know, I say maybe a little too smugly.  Apparently “clapotis” also refers to a standing wave pattern of some kind. Whoda thunk?  I just thought it was some frenchy word for “shawly thing that you drape over yourself that has a bunch of dropped stitches in it, but somehow I still want to knit it”.  The best part was the response to the post about the spell check error for clapotis – it came from a salty old kayaker that I’ve actually met in person, and he said quite simply, that clapotis is “actually much more commonly used as a knitting term”.  I would never have pegged him as a knitter, but wonders may never cease….




And now for an FO!



Pattern: Evangeline (on Ravelry here)

Yarn: Just under 2 balls Debbie Mumm Traditions from Jo-Ann’s in Midnight #14047

Needles: Size 7 bamboo dpn’s 

Mods: Added extra rows on cuff and ribbing at fingertips to make mitts reach the knuckles; used yarn doubled throughout

New Techniques: Nope.

Time Lapse:  1 day!!  Remember my knitstonage weekend recently?  One day baby!

Comments: LOVE this pattern!!  HATE this yarn!!  Oh yes, I was warned.  But I used it anyway because Mom can’t tolerate 100% wool.  Do not – I repeat – DO NOT wind this into a center pull ball if you are going to knit with it doubled. Resist the urge. Trust me. It does this weird thing where the outside fibers bunch up around the inner strand and you will not be able untangle it once it starts if you’re using it doubled. I had to cut out a particularly bad section and start over several times. I am by no means a yarn snob. But if it weren’t for the pretty colors I would totally give this yarn a zero. Scratch that – this yarn totally gets a zero anyway. The finished item isn’t bad actually, just a little pilly, but the knitting experience itself was awful.  I told Mom she is never getting another pair of these made out of this yarn. But she loves them anyway and that’s all that matters I guess.  Oh and they were only 9 months late….



Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far!


7 thoughts on “Kohinkydentally…..

  1. Yeah, that’s totally right: the word clapotis in French actually has nothing to do with knitting and everything to do with waves and their sound! Kate has most certainly chosen that word as a name for her pattern because of the impression of waviness that the bias and the dropped stitches produce… and in doing so, she has inadvertantly led thousands of English-speaking knitters to think of it as a knitting term! :)

  2. Very pretty. I love that colorway. Glad you finished the project and that it was not too big of a project.

    I was wondering what other things you have knit this weekend.

    Yeah Dave has been learning more and more knitting terms. The other day at church one of the guys slipped into the row behind us in the balcony and said “I won’t tell the guys at work.” Dave in all his masculinity said, “I don’t care tell them if you want.”

  3. Funny story! The FO looks great, even if it wasn’t fun to create. You’re going to have to find yarns that are acrylic, yet OK to knit with. I know some do exist.

  4. Laughing so hard at the salty old comments more than I should. I love the way the FO looks and yarn comments duly noted! With the rain we’ve had here, I’m feeling one of those knitstoneage moods coming on too. Thank all the gods that foorball season (College and Pro) is right around the corner; check, actually here.

  5. Well, at least they’re pretty! My mom is famous for picking out crap yarn for me to knit with. I’ll make sure this one doesn’t make her list. ;)

  6. Too funny…I love the little Clapotis conversation you had! Evangelines in one day? Impressive. They look beautiful and gosh you have nice fingernails!

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