Warm Woolies Wednesday

The heat has broken, the rain is tumbling down, and I’ve come to the realization that the time for outdoor photographs is slowly coming to a close.  Soon, it will be dark more hours than it is light, my garden will don its coat of winter dreams, and I will have to get more creative with when and how I photograph my craft.  Methinks it is time to bust out the book and do some studying.


Warm Woolies Items #36, #37, & #38

Warm Woolies Items #36, #37, & #38


This week has been rough when it comes to my knitting.  My forearm, wrist and all the joints in my right hand are aching and knitting has become a bit painful.  I have no choice but to blame it on my Warm Woolies projects.  I think the repetitive motion required while knitting with bulky yarn on dpn’s is wreaking havoc on my right hand, and though it hurts and I worry I may be doing more harm than good, I persist.  How else will I even approach the goal I have set for myself this year?  I’m already dreadfully behind.

This week I did manage to complete 2 more full sets of small-ish sized socks and as of tonight, I am halfway through a large-ish sized set of socks that will bring my total up to 38.  The smaller socks are easier on me and faster to complete (i.e. more satisfying!) but I try to knit at least one large sized sock for every 3-4 small sized ones that I knit.  After all, big kids need socks too!  Once this large sized pair is finished I can go back to some small-ish sized ones which seem to be easier on my hands.  I’m trying to switch up projects too and not knit with bulky yarns as much, hoping that will give my joints a rest.  Perhaps a hand massage is in order……

Now where did I put that photography book?


7 thoughts on “Warm Woolies Wednesday

  1. Yes I just bought a light to photograph stuff with today because light will be going away and I need to build a light box. I have the materials, I just need to do it.

  2. It’s wonderful of you to knit all those socks…except if it’s hurting you that’s no good :( I wonder if you might try some hats here and there? Hats might also help with your goal! Much quicker & easier (at least for me :)

  3. Here’s a hint…if your flash over illuminates whatever it is you’re taking a picture of, try holding a piece of white paper in front of the flash. It’ll diffuse the light.

  4. It sure sounds like some kind of repetitive strain injury. How about knitting some vests (like the one you showed earlier) where DPNs are not needed? My theory is that you have to alternate your needle types and sizes to avoid too much repetition.

  5. I agree with bettyc. Take a break and do something different. I say one vest should count as 20 items since socks are so small. :-) After a few weeks, go back to socks. Hats are also a great choice. Bravo for doing so much.

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