Anyone? Anyone?

O.k.  I’m feeling extra desperate, so here goes….. 

Any of you supa cool bloggy peeps out there interested in a sock yarn exchangey thingamawhutsit?  I need 2 more people to play along and I seem to be having some trouble finding takers.  To play, you’ll have to find 6 people of your own to pass the info on to and send out one ball of sock yarn, but if you do, you can get up to 36 balls of sock yarn for the price of one!  Sounds pretty good in theory.  Anyway, if I haven’t asked you already, it’s probably because I thought you didn’t knit socks, were too busy to play (Wendee!), lived internationally, or maybe didn’t even like me.  But if you think you might want to, send me an e-mail (my addy is in the sidebar over there on the right) and we’ll chat.  I’d love to be able to have you play!  Doesn’t it sound so great to get that much sock yarn in the mail???


3 thoughts on “Anyone? Anyone?

  1. You crack me up! ‘Cause what would I do with 36 balls of sock yarn? I’ve already got a potential 1,000 lb stash going. And that’s no foolin!!! But if I wasn’t, well, me, I’d be all over this like a bee on honey. Sounds fun!!

    Oh man, I owe you about a billion notes. Thanks for hangin’ with me. xoxoox

  2. You haven’t asked me ‘cuz I’m not a sock knitter, and you’re right that I wouldn’t play. However, did you try posting something on Ravelry?

  3. He he I was bad and sent it back to Jeanie. I just did not have the time to track down people.

    Hey go onto one of the sock groups on ravelry and ask, I am sure people will fall all over you.

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